Wednesday, March 25, 2015


What do ya know I spend all my time researching and prepping for Louisiana and I get sent to Mississippi haha But that is a ok with me. I love it here. It's rainy and muddy and sunny and hot all in one day! Everyone here is super into talking about God and it is great. My companion is simply amazing. Teaches me so much by example which is exactly what I need! Her name is Sister Smith and she is a sweet heart. She is from Syracuse, Ut and plays the ukulele. We sing primary songs while she plays. Its great.
        Speaking of primary... Dad you totally called it when you said I was primary President for my mission prep because the branch Im serving in doesnt have enough calling free people to serve in the primary, so we teach the 6 years olds every week and were in charge of sharing time this week. We did a fun lesson on Jonah and the whale.
        Tuesday we got up at 2:15 and headed to the airport. We said goodbye to our district because only Sis. woodward and elder Armstrong and I were going to Louisiana. So we got to Louisiana and Pres. and his wife picked us up. They are so sweet! They took us back to the house and then Presidnet Sis. Woodward and I went out contacting. We gave a few book of mormons out and enjoyed the hot weather! Then we came back had dinner and had a testimony meeting.
         The next morning we woke up late because our clock was an hour off whoops! Oh we got ready fast and headed to transfers meeting I met my companion said goodbye to Elder and Sister woodward and headed to Mississippi. Its pretty here. We volunteered at a food pantry and have been tracting like crazy. I thought wow Sister Smith (my companion) Is so bold but come to find out this is the boldest she has ever been and I was just following her lead. We taught 22 lessons this week. Give or take a couple because I want here until Wednesday but we are off to a good start. 
        I met the branch! They are small in numbers but very kind. They do love the sisters. They mostly send us home with food. But we do have a meal every Tuesday Wednesday, and Sunday. I dont know a bunch of them yet but I will!
         Miss Kathy, an older lady we are teaching. She is wonderful and so sweet to us. She is doing well and the spirit is so strong when we teach there. I hope that she is praying about it!
          We knocked on Miss Renea's door, and she did not want to hear a thing. but as we talked to her you could see God softening her heart when we asked if we could pray for her. She let us in and told her of all the hard things that are scattered through her life. We prayed for her and she told us she knew we were sent to her from God. We will meet with her again this week. I love being the light in peoples lives. Making it so they dont have to live in darkness bringing a glimpse of hope to their eyes is amazing. And knowing that this is not my work is even better.
          Another time we were tracting I was wearing the cute little rubber duck shoes mama got me and i stepped into some serious Mississippi mud! It was so funny so we ran home I rinsed them off and left them outside to dry. When we got home i asked sister Smith to check if they were still there or if someone took them, (our house is like a warehouse... kinda sketchy. but nice on the inside) She just started to laugh so I was sure they were gone but when I turned the corner they were filled to the top with water. I had forgotten it rained a couple inches! So they are drying in the bath tub :)
          Its been a great week and I cant wait for this up coming one. We are manning the cupcake decorating table for the primary night! Yay! I am so excited to get close with the branch because my companion doesnt know them very well either so we arent even sure where we are going to watch conference. Or have Easter! We will see :) Have a wonderful week everyone!

Love, Sister Kerr

MTC goodbyes! I've loved Sister Woodward!

Haha! The comics the elder drew about me...what is wrong with me!

[More pics of Mississippi and her new companion to come!]

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Simply Amazing.

So much has been going on! This week has seriously been the best! But most crazy full week of my life. So spiritual and I have learned so much! We have been in a classroom for 18 hours everyday. It really doesnt feel that way though, it sure is a blessing! 

This week has been so busy but full of so much good. I have never been exposed to so much learning in such a short period of time but it is incredible. Elder Quentin Cook came and spoke with us and it was so encouraging. He told us the process of how our missions were decided and gave us so much advice it was truly an amazing experience! 
    My companion Sister Woodward and I have been meeting with a girl named Devan she is a sweetheart and is going to school at BYU. She is so full of scriptural knowledge and we love being able to share with her the restoration of the gospel. We have really seen the spirit touch her and what a marvelous work and a wonder it is to be apart of this work. I promise that everything that was said between my companion and I to Devan was through the spirit. It was what Devan needed. We were able to answer questions to things I had never thought about or studied before. Simply amazing, I know that God will use me to help others and that is such an amazing feeling! 
    I was able to go to the temple on Sunday and walk around the outside, today I am able to attend a session inside! I cant wait. 
    I love it here, I wasnt too sure of it at first but now I am it has prepared me so much! Yay Louisiana here I come! 

Love, Sister Macey Kerr


Sister Woodward and I @ Provo, UT temple. 

My MTC district!

Looking a bit more missionary-like :)

Every sister missionary needs her cardigan!

"The errand of angels is given to women." Here we come!

A smidgen like jail. But, I LOVE it!

6 March 2015

Hello world!
Mtc life is seriously different. I forget that there is an outside world haha. I have been keeping busy, lots of classroom time and role playing going on. I have a super sweet companion her name is sister Woodward she is from ogden and she is so motivated. Its nice to have an enthusiastic companion. We leave to Louisiana March 17th. Best Saint Patty's day ever! It was really special to receive my name tag and all my information, it really made everything official. I am a missionary!! No better work to be done. Its amazing how much my faith has grown already!

I have a small district and we are the only ones in our zone. There are 4 elders, Stimson, Armstrong, Harman, and Theilen. They are very nice and enjoyable to be in class with. For sisters it is Sister Woodward and I and then Sister Shaffer and Sister Miller. Sister Woodward and I were called to be the branch music coordinators. Yay for us. :) We got to meet our Branch presidency yesterday and they are just awesome. Pres. Schmults, Brother Howden and Brother Monson. He is Pres. Monson's nephew he is incredible. Then they interviewed us to see how we were doing and he told me that him and I were just alike, kindred spirits. Its busy here but very spiritual it is a pleasant experience but I'm just dying to get to Louisiana. I now understand why Skyler said he felt like he was in jail haha. A lovely jail just kinda stuck. But I guess I wouldn't want to be stuck anywhere else.

I have really cute teachers who make it so much less intimidating to teach because they are returned sister missionaries. But there isnt a whole lot to fill you in on because we are doing roughly the same thing everyday so far! I look forward to the temple trip that will be a dream come true! Last night I was able to bear my testimony in our Branch meeting it felt so right and it was so fulfilling to hear everyone else in my district as well. I am grateful for the people that I was put with to learn from, heavenly father knew exactly where to place me. I can feel his hand in my life as a missionary already on day three. I know my Redeemer lives and loves me and just sends me the greatest feelings of peace. Gotta love it, He always knows what I need.

I hope you guys are well. You are on my mind, but I promise I'm not homesick :) Keep me updated, I am loving the dear elders they make me feel so close to you. I love my family so much you guys make everything possible.

Have an amazing week you guys.

Love, Sister Macey Kerr