Monday, December 28, 2015

28 December 2015 - Happy New Year!

I thought I would share my testimony for the last post of the year! I look back to where I was a year ago and can just see how much I have changed. I really truly am grateful for the situations my God has put me in. Though not always easy or comfortable, I have been able to learn more about myself than I ever would have. He has so much in store for me and He especially has been revealing it to me this week! But anyways, I guess I will start at the beginning! I know that my Heavenly Father loves me! I know that He has some crazy drawn out perfect plan for me... I am just now figuring out that it isn't necessarily about what I want but it about what I need. Sometimes it’s really scary to me to let God be in control especially because I am such a people pleaser! There will be times when I feel prompted to do something or say something or think something but worry about how it will make others feel or how they will think. It is really really cool to be able to feel His love and guidance moving you forward even when you have no clue where you are moving to haha. I know that God provides us with families to love us and teach us, that is exactly what mine has done for me. I am so grateful for the time I had to Skype yall on Friday. I can’t even explain how nice that was. It was crazy because once we started talking it felt like it had only been a couple days since I had been with yall! I know that when Christ was born He was perfect and He was a beacon of hope. As He grew, He led the PERFECT example and became all that he was intended to. He established His gospel and created a way for everyone to access it. But just like earlier times people turned away from their God and Savior. In doing so, many of the things Christ taught were lost. I know without a shadow of a doubt that when the time was right God and Jesus Christ called a prophet to the earth once more. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he Restored the complete gospel of Jesus Christ through Jesus Christ Himself! It is just so comforting to see it all play out so perfectly. Because God loves us so much the Heavens are not sealed! The Heavens are open to each one of us to receive guidance and revelation from Him. I am so grateful for these past 9 months where I have been able to actually put these truths that I’ve known all my life to the test. I can fully say I KNOW all of this now and that makes me so excited. I love receiving answers to my prayers and learning to be more sensitive to the spirit to recognize answers. I’ve had some of the most spiritual experiences here on my mission and I will cherish them forever. It is simply amazing what God will teach one who asks. It is incredible to think that Joseph Smith was just a farm boy, Mary was just an espoused Jewish young lady, Thomas S. Monson was just a sailor and I am just a missionary in Louisiana but nothing is impossible. Prepare and become what God needs you to be, He needs us! I know Jesus will come again and we know not the hour or the minute. This is the Church of Jesus Christ of LATTER-DAY SAINTS. So share your testimonies, because we are blessed to have the fullness. I can't imagine only having bits and pieces! Sometimes I feel like a repair man down here in the south, taking the spackle and filling in the holes. I literally am amazed at how many miracles I have seen on my mission. Love yall and I hope you have a blessed year!

Love Sister Kerr

Monday, December 21, 2015

21 December 2015 - Immanuel: God with us.

Hello family, I can't believe it's been another week y'all. Time is so freaky. This week has been so good and so busy! It started a little slow because Sister Langford was still out of it because she was on lots of Benedryl but she quit using it on Monday. So to work we went, I felt so bad dragging her around because she was so out of it, we ended up going on exchanges so she could sleep and I could still work. It worked great! But then we had exchanges, we swapped with DeRidder, I had Sister Honey come here with me to Alexandria and we had a good time. We had several people request a free bible which sometimes isn't too promising. But we set out to meet them. We ended up in the ghetto of ghettos.... like the house number was written on the door with a sharpie marker! It was intense but we knocked and they would just yell "Who is it?" We would say "The Sister Missionaries!" We did this 3 times until finally Sister Honey just yells "It's the church girls!" The door opened! Oh great the smell answered every assumption I had been guessing. We handed her a Bible and a pass along card with the link to the Christmas video and ran back tot he car! When we got home I told Pop he would have to make me a map of where we shouldn't go in the dark! After exchanges we planned to exchange with another set of sisters, the Leesville ones. But crazy story, Sister Truchard got attacked by a diseased cat so ya she had to go to urgent care and get meds. We feel so bad for her! But while we were waiting for the news on whether we should leave Leesville or not we went to Diego's its kinda like a Costa Vida or Café Rio and it was so fantastic! I love huge burrtios :)
             Sister Langford got a blessing for her face rash and in it it said that her faith was sufficient to heal her but that God needed her to endure just a little longer. We couldn't figure out why! But then one night she was praying about what she needed to do for it and she got the answer of go tanning. She pushed of the impression several times thinking I cant do that. But she decided that she needed to. So we went and it helped! So we went again and when she tanned I talked to a girl named Megan who worked there and she just opened up so much automatically. She lost her dad when she was 15, she is about 21 now. But she opened up about his death and her concerns and fears. She then said after venting to me "Wow ive never told anyone these things before!" I then talked to her about the plan of salvation and she said she is open to the idea. Then Sister Langford came out and we taught her the Restoration and she agreed to read the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so strong and you could tell she was touched! As we walked out of the tanning salon Sister Langford and I looked at each other and at the same time said "That is why we needed to come!" It was so cool to realize that after all the troubles Sister Langford went through with her strange reaction that its purpose was to get us to the tanning salon we would have never set foot in unless she needed to go for her skin. That is just one example of how God was with us this week.
             We had another Bible request, her name was Dera. We called her up nad she said we could stop by Tuesday so we did but she wasn't home so we called and she said we could stop by Friday but we weren't ever able to head over to her house so finally on Saturday we knocked on her door and she was home! She let us in and let us sit down. I felt impressed to ask why she had ordered a Bible and her response was her life story! It was incredible to hear all that she has been through and experienced. But she also shared her love for the Word of God. We talked to her all about God's love to speak to us, which rolled perfectly to the Restoration... I feel like any conversation can flow directly to the Restoration. But she just cried and cried and said she had been praying God would send the truth to her. Sister Langford then invited her to read and pray and to prepare to be baptized in 1 month! She agreed. She said she knows God has more to say to us. The only down side is her husband lives in South Carolina and she will be moving there in about 2 weeks! But she told us she would love to learn with missionaries in South Carolina. Once again, God was with us.
              We really were able to focus for the first time this transfer on reaching the goals we set. So we prayed and prayed to reach at least more than we had the week before. So we got about 6 out of the 10. We were just so excited about that but then we were finding that randomly we were reaching goals with out even trying! Before we knew it we had reached 8 out of the 10. The only thing we were missing was someone baptized and we were one new investigator short! We were at the hospital visiting a less active when Sister Langford quite literally ran into this girl. So what do you do in an awkward situation like that??? You talk about Jesus... Duh! So that is what we did and come to find out she was really struggling because her fiancĂ© had just been hospitalized because of a bad car wreck. So we talked with her and she is interested in meeting with us again....BAM a new investigator. It was crazy cool. God truly will show you what he intends for you to do! Iam so grateful for the fact that God is with us, always and that we never have to go without His love.
So comforting. I am so excited for Christmas, can't wait to see yall beautiful faces. Last of all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Be sure to watch this video!

Sister Kerr

14 December 2015 - Pixies of my Week!

Pilgrimage to Bethlehem night

There was a bug in my salad... but this is Louisiana.

The cast from Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

our Kittens are HUGE!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

7 December 2015 - The baptismal font was overflowing...literally!

My new companion is Sister Langford, she is from Alpine, Utah and has been out for 6 months. She came out with Sister Lanning. We are having lots of fun. We get along great and her family sent some count down to Christmas for us both so I feel ridiculously spoiled! She is super sweet and willing to help me grow. Its always nice when your companion wants to help you become better!
Monday: Pday! We played volleyball and dodge ball. Then in the evening had a really great lesson with Bishop and Annston and her family :)
Tuesday: District Meeting and service at the Genealogical library. I almost fell asleep at the library it is just so quiet and so many books!
Wednesday: We drove to Baton Rouge its a 3 hour drive. We went down for MLC. I'm getting kinda tired of that drive. Ive made it like once a week for 3 weeks! It was a good meeting, very spiritual and we came away with some things to teach our zone. After we got home it was about 7pm so we planned with the Zone leaders our ZTM instructions for Friday.
Thursday: Filled with planning! We got everything sorted for ZTM. We saw Belinda, she is just the sweetest thing. We talked with her about the prophesies of Christmas found in Helaman. So good! Anyways we had a really good discussion with her and on the way out she flicked on the outdoor light so we could see better... so nice of her, funny thing is it was 4:00 in the afternoon.... AKA still very sunny out :) haha it made Sister Langford and I giggle a bit. She also always yells to us to be sure to wear our seat belts.. Then we saw Lauren! She is having really bad morning sickness! And her husband works on an oil rig. So we are trying to help her as much as possible. We got invited to this Christmas party at the town library and we were so confused because we had no idea what would be going on there. But we showed up and they were doing crafts for free! So we got all excited and jumped right in. We sat across from some Christians and talked to them all about the Book of Mormon and left them with one. It was a great night!
Friday: We had our Zone Training Meeting and it went great! Then after we went on exchanges. I brought Sister Widdison back with me and Sister Langford went with the other sisters. Sister Widdison is in a trio and is actually kinda having a hard time. After lots of prayer Sister Langford and I got the feeling that this was the best idea, and it really was! Sister Widdison was able to seek advice and have a little breather. We were busy with getting ready for Drew's baptism and we also had service at the Alexandria Zoo! It was really fun we cut out ornaments and helped the kiddos setup little habitats made out of legos for the plastic animals. Then out of no where Pop and Ms. Robin walked in with their grand kids and just like we were a family again! It was really cool and special! Sister Widdison's reunion with Pop and Ms. Robin actually made me cry! It was a great day though.
Saturday: We woke up so excited for the baptism! A member called frantic he needed help. His friend was moving and he offered help but needed more so we rolled out still in our sweats haha threw on the nametag and headed. I wore my fleece jacket and man it was covered in cat hair by the end. I ended up mashing my finger between the wall and a dresser but other than that nothing too crazy happened. We cleaned up and got ready and headed tot he church. The Bishop had put the Elders over the font and apparently it started over flowing... haha the Elders still claim that everyone was being dramatic and that it didn't even reach the highest step but others say it was spilling over! Anyways everything looked so beautiful and Sister Widdison got to be there and Sister Langford because we exchanged back right at the beginning of the baptism! Sister Langford played the piano and it sounded amazing. Sister Widdison Spoke and I prayed. It just went so good, the Vaifanua's sang "Teach me to walk in the light" It was so pretty ad perfect. But when Drew got in the water with her husband the Holy Ghost filled the font. Sister Langford Sister Widdison and I stood hugging each other at the top of the steps to the font holding her towel. She smiled at us then at Tyler and then was submerged. It was so beautiful and gracious and you could just fell the realness of it. I know that baptism is essential! I am so happy to have been able to be a part of her experience! We made a baptism book for her just like we did for Bri and Dottie, so we got everyone to write their testimony on an index card and then put them in a photo book for her to have. It was a great day!
Sunday: Drew got confirmed! She cried all through it and after through the sacrament. She is so spiritual so she really was effected by her confirmation. It was so special to be able to sit next to her and have her just absorb everything. I had her write her testimony on an index card too! Then after church we had the baptism of Annaston! The 8 year old little girl. She is so sweet and was so ready, her service went beautifully. We gave her a childrens Book of Mormon and she was way excited! It was such a busy exhausting week! I hope I didn't skip anything. Love yall, Sister Kerr

Christmas presents under the tree!

Drew's baptism!

Last time seeing Sister Smith before she goes home!

I won the ugly sweater contest!!

01 December 2015 - Remembering the reason for the season.

Holy cow yall I feel like its been a bit since Ive actually sent out an action packed email haha. I will do my best to fill you in on everything Ive been skipping! I promise life in Louisiana has not died down at all though. Life has been busy and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer. But I will fill yall  in on a couple funnies! So a couple weeks ago I got pulled over! I know scariest thing of my life. So I was driving through Pineville, LA and I was going 33 in what I thought was a 35 but it was a 15 during school hours. Yall know how stinking dramatic I am. Anyways he pulls me over, he is on a motorcycle so picture the cop from Dumb and Dumber, he asks for my license so I handed it to him. He then "says youre from New Work" (just like Pepper says it). I replied "yes sir!" He asked if I was renting the car I was driving. I told him "No sir, its a mission owned vehicle... you see Im a missionary." Im sure yall can just hear my quivering voice. He asked if I knew that speeding tickets were over $500 in school zones. Once again my reply was "No sir." By now Im just picturing my two parents sitting down in their cozy recliners opening up a letter addressed to me and reading that I had a ginormous fine to pay. That is when my stomach flipped the most because I thought aww man they gon kill me! But then he just turned to me handed me back my license and told me to be careful. Dang biggest humbling tender mercy ever.
We had a big Sisters Specialized Training Meeting in Baton Rouge and it was so fun! All the sisters in the mission met in Baton Rouge, LA. I got to see Sister Smith and Sister Lanning. We learned all about the important role of a woman and how it just gets magnified as a sister missionary. After the conference we went on exchanges. We had car pooled up with the Natchitoches sisters... {Im laughing at the idea of how yall just pronounced that.} I was with a trio just for the exchange so their were 5 of us. It was so stormy out! I was getting anxiety at the idea of riding home with 4 other girls laughing and someone else driving. So one of the sisters asked if I wanted to split the 2 1/2 hour drive but I just told her I would drive the whole way! It was dark and super rainy with lightening. We made it home fine and Pop had a big pot of crawfish creole stuff on the stove. But one of the sisters that I was exchanged with is now my new companion, Sister Langford. Crazy fun fact, her sister served in the Utica mission and Kensey met her at school a while ago and they figured out that we, their sisters, were serving in the same mission and now we are companions.
Thanksgiving was really fun! Sister Langford and I got some sort of stomach bug but we still made our appointments! We had dinner with the Vaifanua's, they are a Polynesian family in the ward and I love them to pieces. They are the ones we play volleyball with. We ate a ton and played volleyball! It was exhausting because I was sick but so worth it! It was a fabulous Thanksgiving!
Drew's baptism is coming up! Its December the 5th at 3pm. She is so phenomenal! One of her friends started pounding her with harsh words about the church's announcement about LGBT's, Drew responded by saying "That's not what the prophet said!" She pulled out her smart  phone, pulled up the announcement and explained the whole thing to her friend. She is so incredible and she is so ready! Tyler, her husband will be baptizing her :)
We went to visit a less active woman at a mental hospital. It literally looked like a scary movie. It was all run down and brick with vines grown all over it. We got inside and met with Celeste a 70 year old lady. She began talking to us and just telling us about herself. She has been through a ton in her life! The poor thing hears voices in her head. I cant even imagine how horrifying that would be. We talked with her and the more we did I just felt overwhelmed with love for this stranger I had just met. I could see her potential and I could see her disability. I was truly able to see and promise her that this was just a test, that God has something brilliantly beautiful prepared for her when she endures through this. It really made me realize the reason behind experiences. Then this moved my thoughts towards the true reason for things. Anything we go through has reason, to prepare us, to stretch us, to help others, to bring peace, to teach us.. etc. And thinking on that note about the reason for this season we are in. There is so much reason behind all of it including everything that was just listed. A Savior was born! He was born to save us! That has incredible reason behind it so don't just brush that off! I am so grateful for the love and reason that lies ahead of us this month. I wish for all of yall to put reason behind everything you do this month. I love yall so much. Have a blessed week! Sister Kerr

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

16 November 2015 - "The South isn't a place, its a state of mind."

We got to go to the Baton Rouge Temple on Saturday! It was so fantastic! There is no better place to go. It is literally heaven on earth. It filled my mind with peace and settled all my stress. Stress which came after we packed a recent converts glass china from her grandma..... Oh man pray it doesn't break! It was really scary. I have decided after packing 4 china closets... that china just isnt my thing especially when its someone else's most prized and protected items. haha I love being a missionary yall it really is so fun. We have been doing more service lately which is just so incredible. The more time we send with southern people the more I realize how the South really is a state of mind. We met with a lady name Darlene a couple weeks ago and she taught Sister Widdison how to knit. I already knew how but it was a good refresher. Anyways she has been dying for us to come and participate in the knitting club that she is in. So we went it was on Louisiana College campus and it was really fun! Quite hilarious! Probably 10 woman ages 40 and older were there. We knitted and ate. The Elders called in the middle of it and I answered. It went like this Me:"Hey its Sister Kerr" 
E.Floyd:"Hey its Elder Floyd, When are we doing coordination?... What is that in the background?.... Where are yall?"
Me:"We are at a knitting convention"
E.Floyd:"Did I just hear a bunch of cackling old woman?"
Me:"Yes you did."
E.Floyd:"Ummm... yall can just call us back later."

Sister Lanning and I started up this really fun game of charades as a way to teach all the commandments. We talk about them all then you grab one from the bag and act it out. We played it with Drew this week and with a little girl named Annaston who both have dates to be baptized! Yay! People love games down here! It is always a hoot. It makes me realize how important it is that we keep the commandments. The more I learn about them the more I realize they have a purpose they aren't just placed there for no reason. Speaking of which I want to make a shout out to the one and only Shan Heath, a member from the McComb branch who moved to Utah the day I left McComb. She has been smoke free for 3 months! She emailed me this morning to testify that she truly feels better! I love this gospel and I love when people recognize all that it entitles too! God promises blessings with every commandment. Study the commandments yall know them like the back of your hand because we have all covenanted with God that we would keep them! I love yall so much and I hope yall have a great week. 
Love Sister Kerr

Knitting Fiasco!

Mission Leadership Council Picture!

We went in search of a less active. Pop took us in his jeep because he said her driveway is pretty muddy. Pretty muddy.... doesnt even start to cover what it was. It was insane. Lets just say God blessed me but Pop and Sister Widdison ended up COVERED in manure scented mud.

9 November 2015 - Glorious Day, Amen.

Yall would be so proud of me... I have been doing Insanity every morning this week. I feel so good but soooo sore haha. The kittens eyes opened this week! 
I am just so having the most amazing time of my life. The Elders had a baptism this week, Keiyanu. He is 18 and they started teaching him when I moved here to Alexandria. So we got to know him pretty good and went over had visited him and his girlfriend, Alexis. She is already a member so she was so excited when he decided to be baptized. But anyways the Elders asked if I would speak on the Holy Ghost at his baptism. It was such a special opportunity and it went so smoothly! When it finished Elder Floyd said "I know God answers prayers!" Haha we all just laughed because it was so hectic preparing for that baptism. We had Drew come to the baptism. She is the one who's husband is returning to activity and she is investigating. The thing she loved the most was how it wasnt a huge production. She loved how it was just a humble event that was so spiritual and focused completely on Keiyanu. We had such an incredible lesson with just Drew at her house on the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. Then later in the week we had a lesson with her and Tyler at the BIshop's house. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in doing so we committed her to be baptized on December 5th 2015. It was one of the most spiritual moments I've experienced. As she began to accept joyful tears streamed down her face. We then turned to her loving husband and committed him to prepare to baptize her on that date. He also with tears in his eyes accepted. The Gospel changes people including missionaries! It was so spectacular! Makes all the heartache and disappointment worth it! She came to church this week too. President Hansen taught us this week about the importance of having a spiritual experience at church every week. Which as a missionary is actually incredibly hard because you are so worried about everyone else having a grand experience that you don't focus on the purpose of attending church. So this week I had probably the best and most edifying time at church! As I focused on my Savior and I and felt changes taking place in me I knew that Drew sitting next to me could feel it to as she read the scriptures over my shoulder. It was just so special. So next Sunday focus on the really meaning of the Sacrament and the real meaning of the Savior!
          Then we took an incredible leap with Joseph as we taught him the next commandment that he struggles with. But as he opened up the spirit filled the room and he looked at us with tear filled eyes and told us that he knew what he needed to do! It is amazing how with the spirit commandments become something we want to do rather than a restriction. It is just so great how much God expects of us it is the only thing that is going to get us to grow! :)
God Bless, Sister Kerr

Elder Floyd balancing like a champ.


#Jesus.... spray paint, not window paint.

I forgot my rain coat that night. -_-

Only one of Shadrach's eyes have opened haha

Me, Sister Widdison, Drew and Tyler at the Baptism.

Irma with her Halloween Face on!

Pops with his Halloween teeth in!

Helped pop prep his meat for the smoker at like 7:20 in the morning. We were on exchanges and this was after an intense Insanity workout... Thats right Ive been doing insanity.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2 November 2015 - Labor and Delivery Sisters.

This has been the longest week of my mission! But possibly one of the funniest and best! So we had kitties! On Tuesday morning Pop made gravy and I made biscuits. I went out to pet Smores because I do every morning. She is getting friendlier and friendlier. I was petting her and decided to pick her up, this was a giant step for mankind beacause she hates people. So I lifted her up slow and cuddled her, she didnt love it but she didnt hate it so it was a huge deal. I set her down and went in to check on the biscuits. I looked down and noticed I had blood all over my shirt. I got a little panicked so I went back out to check on her and she had a little kitten tail hanging out! It was so intense I sat down next to her and started petting her and calming her down. I asked Pop if he had an old towel for her to have her babies on or if she would just have them on the porch rug. I said the word rug and Pop says "Girl, she aint havin those kittens on my living room rug!" My response "No, Pop the porch rug! Do you care if she has them on the porch rug?" Pop "Oh no, I dont mind I'll just power wash it." So that was that. We coached her through all her pushing episodes and out came two perfect kitties. Then about half an hour later two more came out. We needed to be there but also couldn't skip our studies for the morning so we grabbed the Ipad and listened to conference talks while cuddling our Smores and her freshly soggy squirmy off spring. Sister Widdison had asked me just the day before what my favorite Bible story was. I told her it was hands down the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. It's found in Daniel 3 and its so good! So after a long discussion we decided we loved it even more than we did when we started our study of it. So when it came down to naming the kittens... done. Easy, Shadrach, Meshach, Abed-nego and David. We let the Elders name the last one and he is the runt of the litter and also white. They decided to name him David like from the story of David and Goliath because he is just a little guy but he is tough! He actually couldn't figure out how to eat so after some help he figured it out. We thought he would die for sure. But then after just a couple days Smores got injured and couldnt make it back to her box to feed them. It was so stormy out so Sister Widdison and I bundled and headed into the storm calling for her. We found her but we had to leave to a wedding of one of our less actives. It was a Halloween wedding and literally probably the most southern thing I have ever seen. It was held in a double wide trailer that was just big and open, one room. All plywood. They covered the walls with black garbage bags and fake spider webs and then everyone was dressed up. It was so hot and humid the cheese on the sandwichs was dripping off.... Yall cant even imagine... I kid you not I imagined it for weeks and my anticipation was off. Haha it was so fun and the Bride and Groom had a blast. They prided themselves with how southern it was! After the wedding we went straight home because we had to be in by 6:30 on Halloween which worked out because we had to find our cat! We found her under the house and she could't walk she had screwed up her foot and it was as swollen and as big as a rabbits foot! Pop joked about cutting it off and making it into a key chain for us.... Believe you me we were not pleased with his comments. But everything is all better now! I feel like Sister Widdison and I are now prepared for parenthood. 
         Anyways we still found plenty of time to do missionary stuff! We had an awesome lesson with Drew and her husband Tyler. It went so good and we read the Book of Mormon with them. Drew said that she has tried to read it before but never got very far because she couldn't understand it. But she said since we were all reading it together it makes tons more sense! I am so glad we have the opportunity to work with her. It just made me realize how different my life would be without the BofM and she made a comment about how she has such a desire to change now that she is learning things. 
        We had a really good lesson with Joseph and Michelle over here at Pop and Ms. Robin's house. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was incredible because Ms. Robin shared her experience with us about the day she was baptized and it moved her to tears. It is just so special to be able to make covenants with God to help us improve. We must ENDURE and it will all be worth it! There was so much more that happened this week but those were the 4 biggest ones, Kittens, Wedding, Drew and Joseph. I love yall so much.
Oh wait one more funny story for the road, it has been so rainy lately its constantly flooding so we have been doing a lot of work from home. So we were calling random people from our area book and this was the phone conversation
Me: "Hello its the sister missionaries!"
Indian guy: "Who?"
Me: "The sister Missionaries you met with back in May!"
Indian guy: "What country are you calling from??"
Me: "Uh... the United States.."
Indian Guy: "I think you have the wrong number..."
Me: "Oh... Ok... God Bless!"

Love ya
Sister Kerr

The wedding.

Shadrach, Meshach Abed-nego and David

I saw this willow tree and it made me think of my sisters. I love yall so much and how close we are. Sending you my love!

Trunk or Treat we decorated the Elders truck and were true Louisianians.

Smores and I

These are my babies

Gagging from the blood on my shirt

26 October 2015 - Everything is flowing like melted butter.

We had a really good week! On p-day I found out that I have some relatives here on the mission haha I am 4th cousins with Elder Armstrong and 4th cousins twice removed with Elder Mayer and 10th cousins with Elder Jones. Oh my heavens its the funniest thing ever. But pretty dang awesome too. So some updates about my people back in McComb is that Brother Joe blessed the sacrament, which makes my heart literally the happiest I have ever been in my life. It was seriously a moment of pure bliss when I found out. I love the priesthood so much! Ms. Renee got into some anti Mormon stuff about African Americans and so then she told the sisters that she is done meeting with them :( I was so distraught when I found out I just didn't know what to do. I prayed and prayed but in the middle of my personal study the spirit told me to write her a letter. So I thought "ok I'll do that later." But the longer I waited the stronger the urge got. So I wrote her a letter. I got a call from the McComb sisters and they said that Ms. Renee called them and told them that she got a letter from me and is ready to start meeting with the sisters again!!! It is so amazing to be a tool in God's hands. I love these people. 
I got sick this week... ya know my usual that has become my not so usual. I forgot to dab my bacon and sausage so when we were in the downtown of ghetto-ville I needed a bathroom ASAP. So we went to Save A Lot and they didn't have a bathroom... so we went to Family Dollar and they didn't have a bathroom. So we went to the WORLDS NASTIEST gas station where I then walked in on a man in the bathroom. Thank goodness he was washing his hands but it was a very humbling experience to say the least. But I'm doing mo better now.
We met a lady this week who can crack nuts with her teeth... haha oh man it made me cringe but she is super awesome and actually became a new investigator! 
We had an incredible time with with our new investigator Drew, she is married to a returned missionary named Tyler who was a recent convert when he left on his mission. They recently got married and now she is ready for the lessons from us! She is so cute and looks just like Kate Hudson! We taught the restoration at the Bishop's house and it went beautifully! The spirit brought everyone to tears and helped us all to re kindle our testimony of the restoration! It was so magical. 
There is so much water here! It's been so rainy, yesterday we actually couldn't go anywhere after church because we aren't allowed to drive through standing water. It was so stormy and nearly every road was flooded. So we napped and played games and enjoyed our hurrication. It was so weird because it felt like a NORMAL Sunday :) 
Well I hope y'all are doing good. Hope to hear from y'all soon. Have an awesomely wonderful week.
Love Sister Kerr

Kerr Street in Opelousas, Louisiana

Waste Grease Disposal... No wonder my intestines want to die at the age of 20. #southernsisterprobs

My pumpkin, its an owl.

We wake up to inspirational messages from Pop nearly every morning.

Our Southern Family of Missionaries