Wednesday, August 12, 2015

10 August 2015 - Tragedy strikes McComb.

Heart wrenching things take place all over the world. I wouldn't say I grew up sheltered but I definitely grew up protected. Things happen here in Mississippi that I literally never ever imagined I would experience on a mission. There was a little 10 year old boy, who was shot and killed by his 22 year old cousin high on drugs this week. Our investigators cousins house burned tot he ground she lost everything in that fire including her husband. Ms. Shirley at the nursing home had a heart attack days after her 78th birthday. Ms. Sheila was placed in a nursing home at the age of 42. A tree fell at Joe's moms house. Ms. Dottie's mom is in the hospital. The list seriously goes on and on. The poverty here is sometimes unbearable. The illiteracy is rampant. And apparently the tolls placed on human lives are heavy. I have really come to realize that no matter who you are bad things happen. Sometimes my heart can't handle the messes here in Mississippi and I just want to get away because there is literally nothing that a 19 year old girl can do for people who are so stuck in ruts that it is normal to live the way they do. But then I remember that this is a whole lot bigger than a 19 year old girl, this is a whole lot bigger than the murders, sickness and disasters. This is way bigger than the state of Mississippi. When we zoom all the way out.. I mean ALL the way out, we see galaxies after galaxies. How are we even ever seen or noticed by our God? Do the horrific things happening to the people of McComb matter? Yes ma'am they do. God sees us and hears us and loves us. No matter how small we feel or how buried we feel or how burned we feel or how scared we feel He knows. I think the greatest thing people could ever realize is there is a God and He loves each one of His children more than we can imagine. We are nothing without Him, and to Him we are His everything. Out of all the names of deity, God asks us to call Him Father. This is very significant. He is literally our parent and as we understand that we see that He is so concerned about all that goes on! If bad things didnt happen to good people, people would never learn. So as we need to recognize our Saviors role in all of this. Only He can relieve our sorrow, only He can be that beacon of light. So basically even though sad things happen there is good going on all around. Everyone experiences things so differently and because God knows that we have prayer and scriptures! The Gospel of Jesus Christ truly blesses families. We can take the Gospel and apply it to each one of those tragedies and then we gain an understanding a sense of peace and a true love for our Redeemer! I just want to bear my testimony that God is everywhere! He is with me everywhere I go! Someone told us yesterday that we were glowing :) I know that in a darkness that is when light or truth can be seen the most! This mission is so different than I thought it would be! But I love it and it's changing me.
         On a significantly brighter note, Dottie and Bri are still on to be Baptized on Saturday! They are such amazing people and are so ready. They have taught me a lot and I now really understand what it means when people say that people don't get truly converted by you, it's by the spirit. I really am unsure of what we 2 new missionaries taught well and explained clearly but apparently the spirit translated. Fear is the opposite of Faith so as we go about doing good knowing God will speed we can touch the hearts of many souls who are wondering in darkness because of tragedy.
         I love yall so much! I hope your week was filled with as much learning and understanding as mine! I wish I had more time to study the scriptures. I have forgotten what it feels like to not have a schedule, or to just sit down on the couch and read a book. So family do it for me. Thanks for all the wonderful updates. Oh and Pepper went to fiddler camp???? Was it at the fiddlers hall of fame? lol that is seriously the coolest thing eva!
      Stay golden family, because we are forever!
Love Sister Kerr

Softest shirt in the world! $2 buy at salvation army

Sister Lanning peed her pants on the kitchen floor and we didnt have any paper towels so we used pads... I told her not to be embarrassed because i had experienced worse with my mom haha 

Jacob and Jasper with our helmets on, we did a service project over at their house. Weve been biking a lot! 

We ate our sacked lunch in popeyes because it was so hot out!!!! little embarrassing.

Pops, at bingo. He is VERY hard of hearing and so without us missionaries he wouldnt be able to play. Love him!

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