Wednesday, August 12, 2015

03 August 2015 - The Start of Week 3.

Its been a good week! I am so glad Kensey and Addey are having so much fun on their road trip! Everyone sounds so happy! My week was good too! Laugh for the week..... I literally dropped my scripture case in a puddle of baby puke then picked it up and put ti on my lap without knowing. Then I looked down during the lesson and my skirt and scripture case were dripping. YUCK! Oh and we also welcomed a new roommate, her name is Yolanda and she is a lizard. We came in the other night and she was just hanging out. So we grabbed a couple of pictures and then she scurried into the wall..... Great. Whatever she can stay, she is a lot more welcome than Earl Wolfgang (Gigantic Wolf spider.)  Yolanda is like tiny, maybe 2 inches :)
           We were able to teach Mr. Joe about the word of wisdom and he has decided to quit smoking! Yay! He has been smoking for 45 years so bad habit doesn't quite cover it, its more like a way of life! But he is willing to change which is just beyond amazing, we know that its the gospel because nothing else could cause anyone to believe there is hope after doing it for so long. And he came to church! He showed up and sat with one of our members that has been coming to the lessons with us. He said he really enjoyed it and that he would stay for the full 3 hours next week. We also had Ms. Dottie come to church, she also bore her testimony. It was so simple and beautiful. She stood before everyone and just said that she doesnt know what she is supposed to say, but she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that God has sent her the missionaries so she could become better and change into the person God has in mind of her becoming. It was truly amazing. She is so ready to be baptized on the 15th of August. Same with Bri, at their house we had a lesson and talked about the last of the commandments with them. One of their cousins, Courtney sat in like she always does. She is very reserved and doesn't like the idea of leaving the church she grew up in. We asked Bri if she was sure she wanted to be baptized because it was a big commitment and she said "Yes!" Then Courtney asked her if she was just going to belong to 2 churches now, her church she grew up in and this new church. Bri answered saying "No, I will only have one church, this one. I have been praying the past while that God would make a way that I could get closer to Him. I know that I will get closer to God in this church more than I was in my last church. I am so excited to get baptized and keep getting closer to God!" I was so happy at that moment. I bore my testimony on how each and every person is prepared by God throughout their lives. I know that everything Bri has experienced has brought her to this moment where she would truly be prepared to receive an answer to her prayer. She can really grow that relationship with God now that she is ready. I love this marvelous plan God has and His patience in working with imperfect people such as I to carry out a work much bigger than my beautiful companion and I. Its been a super great time in Mccomb... I don't want it to end! I sure do love Mississippi!
Love Sister Kerr

Yolanda the lizard

Mr. Joe's door, we attacked it with motivation!

Oober short stop sign

 We drove 50 miles to find this beaut. Delivered a Bible and a Book of Mormon and left them in the mailbox because she wasnt there. #Mississippifinds 

Mr. Joe at church :)

Joshua and Renee! Joshua and I matched.

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