Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dang we worked this week! We got 22 lessons which is super exciting :) We are meeting new people like crazy there is so much work to be done! Sorry this is a day late, my companion got the stomach bug so we were home bound yesterday but it was the perfect day to regroup! I was definitely running low on juice.

Mondey: We cleaned our apartment so good! Im talking bleached everything! Ahhh nothing like spring cleaning :) we went out and taught the Restoration that evening and I wore my rain boots. They are the best! Shout out to Sarah Barrand for her lovely gift I love them!
Tuesday: We had a lesson with a newer investigator, we introduced her to the Book of Mormon, but before we got to that we asked if she had read the restoration pamphlet. She totally had and basically taught us the restoration. I was amazed! Really cool. We love her. Then later we met with A less active that we tracted into, her name is Heidi. She is 24 and has 2 adorable kids and is married. She has been living in the house for about 1 and 1/2 months and then we showed up. She went to church in her teenage years and then just stopped. But we started reading the Book of Mormon with her and she just took right off we texted her to remind her about reading and she texted back with a summary of the chapter we had left and with the comment of "The Book of Mormon is basically my life! I can apply the whole book so far to something in my life!" It was so cool to hear that from her :) She is great.

Wednesday: We tracted into a new family and it's pretty cool because they are so eager to learn, dad included :) I love seeing their excitement because it really is that important! We are talking about their salvation! They, Marcus and Kala are so sweet. They have 3 children, Asia, DaLeah and DaMoney. They are funny. We taught them about the restoration on the doorstep, everyone just sat on the steps and they just soaked it up. When we went back to see them we brought them a Book of Mormon and they committed to reading it. It's been really cool because we have been really working hard on getting people to read the Book of Mormon because it holds the pure doctrine of Christ. If they get it from there it's still pure. So we have studied the first couple chapters like 5 times now and its amazing how much you get out of it every time. I recognize new things every time! 

Thursday: We invited Kathy Coney to come to church and she said she would! She is reading and praying! We got a couple potential investigators today :) An amazing feeling, we were able to pray for one of them specifically for her daughter. Her daughter is 10 and has Diabetes. She really opened up to us after the prayer and said that she couldnt believe we were that far from home just to be able to pray for her daughter. We were really able to express that God had sent us. So we will go back and see her soon.
Friday: We had a lesson with Ms. Cathy Spencer, she is so cute. She cracks me up, she always has the funniest things to say. But her faith is so strong and I can see it growing too. She is reading the Book of Mormon and doing her best to receive answers. She prayed and got the answer to just keep reading.
Saturday: We sang at the Nursing home and cheered them all up they are so sweet. They really appreciated it. Then they had us sing for their nursing home church service which was cool. I totally was off key several times but they had no clue which was good hahaha they are the best.
Sunday: Kathy Coney came to church!!! yay my first investigator in church! It was way cool. She liked it and said she would come again. It was fast sunday because of conference, we went around and had some lessons but at 4 o"clock one of our less actives had dinner all ready for us. We went over and had roast with rice and gravy and green beans with homemade cake. It was killer good it tasted like beyond words good. She was pleased to see how much I liked it. She is so sweet her name is Sister Robinson. She has so many antique things, her house is like a dream. She loves me because I love it so much. Before we start out Book of Mormon study she always has to tell me and show me her recent finds :) She is quite the bargain shopper. But Sister Smith got sick after eating there and we have been home bound ever since. Not bad though it felt great to clean and read and pamper myself for the day as well as her.

Spiritual Lesson learned: PRAY!!!!! Make it a conversation and do it all the time. The difference it can make in your life is amazing! Read the article in the Ensign named "It isnt a sin to be weak" it is really amazing and has made me be more positive. Have an amazing week. 

Love, Sister Kerr

Sonic Stop!

 Ice cream run after we volunteered at Salvation army. Its the best ice cream ever and only a buck fifty!... I totally spilled but it was really hot out and it was melting faster than I could lick!

So humid my camera lens fogged up... got to love it!!

Mississippi Rainstorm!

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