Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20 April 2015 - Temple Trip!!

So we got to go to the temple on tuesday it was super nice! I felt so close to my family :) it is the same design as the Palmyra temple so it felt great and like i was in new york. This week was kinda crazy though. Wednesday was kinda rough because my companion was still sick so we took it easy but still went out. Nothing too crazy happened, we did turn in early so she could rest up though. Thursday we went to our zone conference and that was good, i learned quite a bit and am able to apply it :) Sister Monk came home with me for exchanges and she goes home next week! She is actually Nicole Leiters last companion... crazy right? Super sweet though and it was a little scary taking over the area for the day. But we never got lost and we filled the day with 6 decent lessons. I really realized through this how much I love Sister Smith and how much I missed her! She really is the best. I have been getting to know her so much! She plays the Ukulele and has been teaching me :) I can play amazing grace. It is such a cool instrument! The Cullota's the branch president got released :( So his family isnt in our branch any more. When he got called there were 13 members and now there are about 60. So Sister Smith and I decided since they wont be here any more we will be the glue! We are going to make this Branch a ward!! So we have our work cut out for us. Our new Branch President is President Nevels. He is great and will also do great things. We met a super lady this week her name is Anita and she wants her son to have some religious influence. She of course has already been saved (thats what they all say down here which is really cool. People are so great and so sincere to what they know) But we were able to teach her and her son the restoration. We cant wait to give them a copy of the Book of Mormon. It is amazing to think that I am able to walk into complete strangers homes and pray for them. This wont ever happen again after my mission. It is such a special time. These people are so willing to have me... most of the time and I love them. I only have a short time this week. The library is so packed I only get half an hour. So have a great week I love y'all. God loves you too and He is changing my life! Allow Him to change yours! 

Sister Kerr

The wardrobe - where the styling magic takes place.

Our entryway.

My desk with pictures of my family!

Sister Monk, Nicole Leiter's last companion!

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