Tuesday, October 6, 2015

28 September 2015

So this was a good week! Last pday we (Alexandria Elders, Marksville Elders and us) all planted a tree in Pop and Ms. Robin's backyard. We plan to come back and check it out in 10 years haha. We have been working really hard this week. We had a couple... minor... set backs. I was sick last week but Sister Widdison was sick this week so we actually had to take a sick day and let her sleep. I was able to help Pop with his demolition of his old shed out front. I felt like I was home with my daddy. He told me that I was super handy and that my daddy should be proud for training me so well! Ha I felt right at home. Pop goes garage sale-ing all the time and got us a pair of overalls for 50 cents :) haha
Anyways onto the spiritual highs! The General Womens Broadcast was beyond killer! So good and so inspiring. We had a very less active come and the spirit was just SO strong. I loved President Uchtdorf's comment of "Our eternity starts right now." That is so important to realize. There is a reason God's plan for us is also referred to as The Plan of Happiness. It's because that is all God has ever desired for us, true happiness. I use to always think well someday everything will be blissful and happy, but this is part of our happily ever after. Right this very moment. So as we change and become we will find what truly makes us happy and incorporate it into every thing we do. I truly am the happiest when I am loving the people around me and helping them be happy. Building up the people that are torn down. I am realizing that being happy is easier said than done, but this life is all about us tweaking and perfecting ourselves. Changing weaknesses into strengths is a beautiful concept. One step at a time.
We spent some time getting to know a member this week who recently lost her husband. I was wanted to sob. I could feel her broken heart, I could see the agony in her eyes. The loneliness she feels was drowning her, but now she can breathe because of the God. She can feel a source of peace and she knows that she will see him again. I take so much courage from her example. Simply amazing and only possible through Him our Savior and Redeemer.
We set a baptismal goal with our investigator Joseph. He is dating a member and he is really liking the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It really is the Book of Mormon that is changing him! Its so amazing to me, the work that God has sent us to do is only made possible through the Spirit. We are NOT convincing anyone. We are NOT proving anything. We are NOT forcing anything. We provide the information, invite them to read and pray about it and voila the Spirit touches their heart so deeply that they can never deny what they have learned. I love this feeling. I was able to finish the Book of Mormon this morning, I read it straight through starting in May. And when I finished I just had the most overwhelming soothing sensation. I know that book is true. READ IT PLEASE! Everyone needs to just give it and honest try. Sister Widdison and I had so many in depth discussions about the time line and still aren't positive! I swear someday I will be a scriptorian. I am reading the New Testament now and Jesus is just so amazing. Leading by example and never rude or judgmental. I long to be more like Him.
I am as happy as can be and I hope y'all are too. Praying for all y'all and you're in my prayers for sure. Love Sister Kerr
PS DOnt forget about General Conference this weekend! Its so amazing. I spoke in sacrament this week too haha I spoke on how blessed we are to have a prophet on the Earth today. Its so special! Go prepared with a question and the spirit will answer it!

Sister Widdison and I holding the worlds largest books!

Riding on the back of Pop

Frog leg!

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