Tuesday, October 20, 2015

19 October 2015 - Cleaning out the Sludge

We had this really good service day! We went and helped a family that use to be in the ward. When they moved they tried to sell their house but it wouldn't sell so they ended up renting it out and it was as bad as the BARN next door.. So they had all the missionaries come and clean up the house. It was bad but nothing that I hadn't seen before. But anyways we scrubbed bathrooms and walls and trim and everything. The member said "renting isn't bad as along as you can check in on the house monthly." Then the house wouldn't have gotten as dirty and out of hand. But it made me think of our lives, if we don't watch closely what we allow in our lives it will get out of hand before we know it! We have to weekly and if possible daily check in on our spiritual cleanliness. That is the purpose of sacrament meeting so we then can clean up the mess right after it happens. I just love how wonderful and perfect Jesus Christ has made this church! So this week think of something you can change, or something you can stop doing to clean up your act. Because we are so much happier and filled with the spirit when we are clean! All yall do my a favor and listen to the Taylor Swift song called Clean. Sorry it's short...

Love yall Sister Kerr

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