Monday, January 18, 2016

18 January 2016 - Salutations Everybody!

Salutations Everybody

Salutations everybody! Guess what! NEITHER of us were sick this week? That is only the beginning of the miracles we experienced this week. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways, I can't even count them on my little fingers! Heavenly Father just loves the people here so much, and he used us to help Him show it! HALLELUJAH FOR THAT!!!

To start, we had another lesson with the less active Carol Welch we taught last week, and it was just as spiritual. This time we were able to bring a member too! They both have lost their husbands in the past few years, so they were able to relate to each other so well. Sister Welch said that one of the reasons she struggled with coming back to church was the pain she had felt after her loss. I could feel the spirit so strong as the testified to each other of us the love they both felt from God now. It was beautiful. AND then Carol was at church on Sunday sitting by us AND she was taking notes. I just love her so much. She was so touched by the message that I reached over and put my arm around her. We could both feel the spirit so strong, we both just sat there and cried.

On Saturday, Sister Langford and I decided to go see a referral we received. Her name is Valerie, and she is just so cute. She shared so many sweet things with us, and said that she just wants to be able to share a sweet testimony of Jesus Christ with others. Valerie has visited several other churches, but she never felt like they were right for her. The reason she ordered a bible was so she could feel closer to God, and start that testimony. When we left she had agreed to be baptized in February, and we are just praying so hard that she will keep her head up and make it to her baptism. We visited Valerie yesterday too with Ms. Robin, and the spirit was so strong again. Valerie did not make it to church yesterday, but she told everyone at her church about our church, and she was sharing our message with them. How cute is she? She said our message made her sons want to come back to church too! Just pray for her y'all, she is super sweet, and we just want her to feel Heavenly Father's love with her.

People here say alright to everything. You can have a FULL conversation with the word alright. "Alright? Alright. Alright. ALRIGHT!" It just works okay? I haven’t ever really seen it before because I haven’t served near New Orleans. SOOO When we called a referral I asked if it was Ms. Alice, and she just said "Alright." Man I LOST it. I was trying so hard not to laugh, and after I got off I said "I finally understand now!" Yeah, "Alright" means a lot of different things down here.

I want y'all to know how much Heavenly Father loves you. He loves you, and so He has blessed you with temples and families. Sister Langford and I were able to go to the temple on Wednesday after MLC (yes we had permission), and the spirit was so strong. THEN yesterday we had a "East-South" broadcasted stake conference, Elder Rasband talked a lot about temples. The spirit was strong, and it just reminded me about how lucky I am to have a temple available to me. Also, how lucky I am to be worthy to visit the temple. Elder Rasband encouraged us ALL to hold a temple recommend, even if we can't visit the temple as much as we would like. The temple is such a sweet place, and I have missed visiting it so much. NEVER pass up an opportunity to visit the temple. You are meant to be there, so get there. Being a worthy temple recommend holder shows God how much we care, and it shows that we want to improve. I am so blessed to be found worthy to enter Heavenly Father's temple, and I pray that I will be able to visit again soon. Remember that the temple is Heavenly Father's house, and even seeing the temple brings peace, so get there. Receive the blessings you are worthy to receive there. You are loved, and Heavenly Father has blessed you with a temple. NEVER throw that blessing away.

I hope y'all have an amazing week, and I want you to know I'm praying for you. Keep on keeping on, and remember whose army we are fighting for. I love you, but more importantly, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you. NEVER forget that.

Sister Kerr

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