Tuesday, January 5, 2016

05 January 2016 - Spiritual Sickies

So I was sick last week with a bad sinus/ head cold which was fine we worked through it but my companion caught it this week and it hit her hard! The poor thing was so ridiculously sick. It wiped her out, but all of her being sick I was able to study like crazy! It was a blessing in disguise because I was able to learn so much about the scriptures! One thing that I really learned this week was that without the Book of Mormon we wouldn't have much of an understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ. We have a less active, Michelle, and she is incredible. She has so much holding her back right now, I feel like that is a likely story for a lot of the people in the world. We have been reading from the Book of Mormon with her daily. Yesterday we talked about the Stripling Warriors, I love the example that they set to step up and serve. That like Elder Holland said "It's not over 'til it's over." They were willing to endure to the end by casting all of their faith to their God. We explained to Michelle that that is what is needed of her. She needs to cast her doubts and fears away, she needs to find rest in the Savior and to step up and serve. I really feel like this concept or thought doesn't just apply to Michelle, it applies to all of us. Find what it is that is holding you back and get rid of it! Whether it being feelings, people, TV, negativity or your phone just move on. We are preparing for an apostle to visit the mission on January 30th, Elder Rasband. In preparation, we are doing what is called a 40 day fast. You choose something to give up or sacrifice and you give it to God for 40 days. I personally chose fear. I will not fear for 40 days. Anytime I want to fear I have to just move on, give it to God, remember who I am and remember who He is! So I challenge you to do it! Do the 40 day challenge with me and see if you can fast to get closer to God! I can’t wait to meet Elder Rasband, I love yall have a really good week,
love Sister Kerr

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