Monday, January 25, 2016

25 January 2016 - Press Forward

I love this year’s youth theme of Press Forward! It is so inspiring to keep us moving in the direction we need to go! We had an incredible Stake Conference this weekend, Elder Larry Lawrence came and spoke, and he is a member of the second quorum of the seventy. He gave the talk "What lack I yet?" in General Conference. He spoke all about Less Actives and the importance to reach out to them and bearing one another's burdens. During Elder Lawrence's talk he asked if anyone who had ever been Less Active in their life would stand. Over half the room stood, we had our dear sweet Carol standing between us with tears streaming down her face because she was just so touched by his words. I leaned over and said to her "that isn’t you anymore!" She smiled huge and said, "I know!" She is so excited to get to the temple and we cant wait for her to go either! It’s amazing that the gospel's only purpose is to bless our lives. So I challenge all of y'all to let it do just that, let it bless you! Elder Lawrence's wife talked about the Plan of Salvation and it was so incredible, the way she made everything just make perfect sense was definitely inspired by the spirit. Elder Lawrence asked a question that I want to ask yall, He asked "What is your biggest desire?" Be completely honest with yourself. If you aren't proud of it change it and if you are pleased with it make it happen. Do everything you can to point your desires toward God. He will bless us more than we can imagine. I love this life I am living! The thought of coming home scares me because I can't even imagine throwing all those distractions back into my life. Part of me wants to say I'll always listen to Mo Tab and study for 2 hours every morning haha. But it’s so cool to see how much God works through us. If things didn't get harder they wouldn't be a test! Sister Langford and I had a blast together this week. We got so much done! We met this less active named Fred over the phone and he is just the sweetest thing! We have had a couple lessons with him over the phone and he is so excited to come back to church this upcoming week. We also met with Lucy, a less active and things with her went so great! I was prompted to tell her about the talk that said whenever we want to say that we don't have time to read our scriptures instead say it's not a priority. It really made her think about that. I know Im guilty of saying I don't have time to read. But of course we have time especially with the technology we have today it can read it to us! When we think of it in terms of it isn’t a priority it makes us really realize what our greatest desire really is. I know that mine is to please my Heavenly Father! So if He has asked us to study our scriptures let’s make it a priority to study our scriptures! I found the scripture 2 Nephi 26: 23, 24 and 33. I just love this scripture because it reminds us that God doesn't command us to do anything without purpose and that He doesn't do anything unless it is for our benefit. So even if that means it will be tough now it will benefit us in the end.

Haha funny story we have an investigator who works at Chili's. Her name is Temeca and she is a doll. So we go to Chili's to support her and for our chips and salsa fix weekly! Its the best, her face lights up when we walk in it is the cutest thing ever! But when we were sitting there waiting for our food one of the cooks in the back yells out "What's the ETA on dem wangs?!?" Sister Langford and I just busted out laughing. I may have to live down here yall I am going to miss the culture SO BAD!! Louisiana is the best place ever! Hope all is well with yall, keep praying and fasting, it brings miracles I promise! Its happened for me!
Love Sister Kerr

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