Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16 February 2016 - Y'ALL GONE? WE GONE!!!

Y'ALL GONE? WE GONE!!! English lesson for you: you do not say, "Are you going" or "Are you leaving," you say "Y'all gone?" Stay tuned for more Louisiana grammar tips next week...maybe. But really though I'm gone, I am leaving Sister Langford at 6:30 tomorrow morning, and we are both ever so sad. I'm gonna miss that girl (Sniff, sniff). BUT we are planning on living in Provo together when we are home, so all will be well! I will find out who my new companion is tomorrow morning. They changed the way they do transfers, so I will be partying with someone else's companion all day tomorrow #HOLLA. Okay ya ready to hear about this week now? LET'S GO!!!

On Monday we taught Alexis's family (The lady we tracted into last week who wants to be baptized), and she has 3 children. We were able to teach them about the restoration, and the spirit was so strong. During the prayer, the daughter forgot to start with "Dear Heavenly Father," so her older brother cut her off and was like "Hey, you started the prayer wrong. In this pamphlet it says to start with dear Heavenly Father. Start over." So she did, and then Alexis had them ALL pray together out loud. It was so sweet! During the lesson, Alexis 15 year old Amari said he felt like our message was just what he needed. He said it made him feel safe, and he felt like it was helping him know God more. How sweet is he? Now their entire family is on date to be baptized, and we are so pumped for them! We have to find a way for them to get to church though, that seems to be a struggle right now. Pray for them!!!!

On Wednesday night we had dinner with our recent convert Drew and her husband Tyler. They took us to this REALLY fancy Hibachi(?) grill, and it was delicious. The chef was cooking the food right in front of us, and he was so chill. He even made a volcano out of onions!! AND he was juggling eggs on a spatula. How is that possible you may ask? I have NO IDEA!!! But it was tight. When he was done cooking, he flipped a piece of shrimp into each of our mouths. HOWEVER, he missed my mouth twice and just hit me in the face. I was laughing my head off and then he hit Sister Langford in the face too. It was absolutely an entertaining dinner.

On Friday we went to the Manna house to do service, and man oh man, did they find the worst job for us or what? They asked us to stack bottles in the fridge. Sounds pretty easy right? Yeah, apparently not!!! We started taking out the bottles, and then one of the workers told us we were doing it wrong. We were doing so good too, we had a system and everything. THEN we started stacking the pop carts on top of each other, and we just could not figure it out. The bottles were tipping, and the carts just did not want to stay straight. Sister Langford and I both were half in and half out of the fridge trying to keep everything up!!! Eventually Sister Langford just put her whole body in the little fridge to move things around, and I started freaking out the whole shelf was now balancing on her head... and she was ruining our crappy system! My goodness!!! LUCKILY we found a way to make it work, as people were starring and laughing it us. That was a rough time.

In the afternoon, we came home, and we were beat. However, we already had promised to help with another service project, so we got changed and left. Sister Langford and I ended up spraying down 2 carpets, scrubbed the deck, and sprayed down some other things that were dirty. After Sister Langford and I decided we wanted to do something for Pop and Ms. Robin for Valentine’s Day, so we decorated their kitchen, and made them Heart shaped pancakes and eggs for dinner. Ms. Robin and Pop were so grateful, and it made Ms. Robin cry. After we sang Nearer My God to Thee, and the spirit was so strong. They both do so much for us, so it felt so good to give back to them a little bit.

On Saturday we were asked to help out at a primary activity because the teacher got sick. So we went and did our thing, and then the weirdest thing happened. The stake primary president came over to me and Sister Langford with two people (Mother and son), and she said they were interested in learning more. They literally just walked into the church and said can we learn more.

Monday started off on an interesting note. We drove to Goodwill to see if we could do service there, and then we got a call from the less active (Carol) we have been teaching. She said she was at the Manna House (she and her boyfriend eat there), and she needed someone to come jump start her car. So we left Goodwill (Turns out we couldn't serve there anyways), and drove to the Manna House to help her. It started POURING on us, the sky was black, and the wind was blowing so hard. Sister Langford looked at me and was like "Mmk, this is not good weatha. This is totally tornado weather. Why aren't we on lock down?" BUT we still didn't get a lock text, so we went to go help anyways. Well when we got there it was still pouring, and we can't jump start a car in the rain!!! SO we got in her car and we had a lesson with her and her non-member boyfriend. Sister Carol is such a sweetheart, so we were able to talk with her about the Book of Mormon story that is in one of the three Ensigns she had in there. MEMBER PRESENT YO!!! Her boyfriend couldn't step out of that one. After the lesson we jump started her car, then left and were happy and safe from the storm. WELL later that night we found out that there was a tornado 2 miles from where we had been helping Carol. Crazy right? It took out a car wash and a Pizza Hut, but everyone is fine...at least I think they are. I don't know, I'm just going off of what I have heard.

GOODS: 1) FLOYD "Okay kids, so those of you with maps were able to find your way around easier right? So we all need maps?" Random Kid "Nah, my mom just uses Siri."
2) Me "So why do we need the Holy Ghost? How can God bless us through having the Holy Ghost?" Random Kid "Well we can't just kill ourselves, so we have to be happy and not kill." Me "Uh...sure?"
3) Pop at Valentines Dinner "I feel bad because this food looks beautiful, but I'm fixin to tear into these eggs here."
4) Usually missionaries can't have pets right? WELLLLLL Sister Langford and I were counting our pets yesterday and It's pretty funny. We have/ had 5 cats, 2 ducks (Giraffe Cornelius and Letaranisha Jasmine), 30 chicks, 2 roosters, like 5 chickens, and we just got 130 goldfish. What is this life?

This week I learned about the beauty in the scriptures. When we pray and seek guidance from our Father in Heaven, he will help answer us through the verses we read. In D&C 109 it talks a lot about building a temple and blessing it unto the Lord. I thought about that being a mission though. We build up a mission, and then we are able to dedicate our missions to the Lord. It's like that with our lives too. We go through our lives striving to be like Jesus Christ, and we dedicate our lives to him. We make our lives focused on worshiping God, and having Faith, and then we are able to submit ourselves to Heavenly Father more fully. I can't wait for the day I see God's face, and I can honestly tell Him I tried living my best and lived life the way He wanted me too. That will be a glorious day we can all experience if we follow Jesus Christ's example and remember Him. I love am so glad I've been so blessed to live with my Pop and Ms. Hunny! I will miss them terribly but am so glad I was so spoiled to live with them for 6 months. So many wonderful memories and lessons learned from them. They are seriously a highlight to my mission.

I'll do my best to let you know where I'll be going tomorrow through Pop. Oh and I'm following up training a newish Sister.

I love y'all, and I hope you have an amazing week. Keep on keeping on and remember whose army we are fighting for!

Sister Kerr

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