Monday, February 1, 2016

01 February 2016 - February is here!

How you be's? How you is? How it goin? Can I have yo numba? How be the life outside of good ole Louisiana? Y'all it was in the 70's this week and it felt like heaven! It was so amazing y'all would love it! Tell you what, I don't know how Sister Langford and I made it out this week. We were running around ALL DAY ERY DAY!!!! BASICALLY it was a super busy week, but it was great. We went on two exchanges, had zone conference on Thursday, and we had Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the quorum of the 12 apostles come speak to us on Saturday. IT WAS NUTS!!
Okay so yeah, Sister Langford and I went ham this week. We ended up teaching 24 lessons, which is a big deal! We now have 2 people with a scheduled baptismal date, and 2 who said they want to be baptized. Hopefully we will have 4 baptismal dates set up by the end of this week. ONE OF THOSE happens to be our Chili's investigator Ms. Temeca. HOLLA!!! Pray for our dear investigators POLEASE!! We are so blessed to be teaching them all, and we just want to see them happy and loved.

BACK TO TEMECA! ALLLRRRIIGGHHT! ON Friday Sister Langford and I were on exchanges with Natchitoches, and we decided to go to Chili's to see Temeca. When we got there, Sister Langford and I shared some DELECTABLE fajita's, and then Sister Jenkins and I had to leave for an appointment. Sister Bell and Sister Langford could have left then too, but they had a feeling we needed to stay and chat with Temeca a LITTLE longer. So when Temeca came back, Sister Bell and Sister Langford were able to talk a little bit about the plan of salvation with her. Temeca's father recently past away, and she wanted to feel at peace with it, so the plan of salvation was exactly what she needed to hear. After they talked about the after life a little bit, Sister Langford said "Temeca, that is Heavenly Fathers plan for us. To live with Him again and be happy! Part of that plan requires some steps on our part though. One of those steps is baptism. Will you prepare yourself to be baptized by something worthy of holding the priesthood authority of God?" She then said that that was part of her plan already, and that she wanted to do what Heavenly Father asked of her. We haven't set a date for her baptism yet, but we are so happy she has decided to take this sacred step. YAY!!!

On Sunday for church, Sister Langford and I taught the youth Sunday school class, and it was great. We taught them about the difference between feeling the Holy Ghost, and having the Holy Ghost as an eternal companion. It was so spiritual, and it was great because two investigators were there. The Elders investigator Jonathan was there, and our investigator Casey was there (unfortunately we can't teach her the lessons because she is going to a boarding school, and she is going back to Texas in 2 weeks #TerribleDay.) But mmmm yeah, it was so good y'all!

On Wednesday we went on exchanges with DeRidder, and it was crazy good. I went with Sister Rosero, she is from the Philippians. She is so cute and we were able to see a bunch of people! We went to a members house who lived in the middle of no where.... wait whats new? haha But she had the cutest old cabin. It was so Louisiana. Then out of no where a huge pig comes waddling out. Our member says "Hey, meet my food storage!" It was so funny :)

One of the less actives here is from Fulton, New York! So cool right?? He had actually heard of Altmar, NY! Well gee.... that made me so darn happy!

We walked into Walmart and as we were walking around I saw 5 people that I knew! I thought yay... Ive been here for a while if I know all these people!

Saturday was that special day I mentioned before: Elder Ronald A. Rasband came and spoke to us. The moment he walked into the room the spirit was so strong, and he invited all of us to come up and shake his hand. However, he didn't just want to shake our hands, he wanted to know all of our names too. After he shook our hands and asked for our names, he proceeded to tell us the importance OF a name. It amazed me because he was so very sincere! This applies to all of us though doesn't it? Everyone who is baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints willingly takes Jesus Christ's name upon them. Then every Sunday we partake of the sacrament and make that promise again; to take His name upon us, and remember Him always. Think about the importance of those words. If we have each taken Jesus Christ's name upon us, then we are each walking representatives of Him. This means we need to be examples of Him at all times, in all things, and in all places. It is our duty to live our lives in accordance to the name we take upon us. Those faithful non-members should be able to see us and know who we are IMMEDIATELY. It was just so spiritually edifying! I loved it my eyes were glued on him the whole time! It is always so great to be near the temple too!

We went to an old plantation house called "The Kent House" for PDAY It was so pretty and we got to see all sorts of different things! Yall the south is so historic! We will have to go when yall come and visit!

SUCH A GOOD WEEK! My prayers go out to all of yall. I love yall so much. God Bless you :)

Love Sister Kerr

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