Tuesday, March 15, 2016

14 March 2016 - Oh shuga, the bayou be floodin'

Hey y'all! Wheeeew..... Im actually kind of surprised at how fast this week went. We started off with Specialized training on Tuesday it was good. I may or may not have carried my team with all the car care questions in jeopardy and then I found out we didn't win anything and I found myself being a wee bit too competitive haha... Yep its still the same me, I apparently haven't grown up that much yet... Not to worry I still have six months left. on Wednesday we tracted and tracted like crazy, my knuckles are sore y'all! We also tried showing up at a bunch of less actives houses too with no luck. But we found ourselves doing the same thing the next and the next day too. It makes Sister Paulo and I laugh at how happy we are to go out and do it every day. You would think that by now we would be ready to just drop everything and say "I QUIT!" But somehow (I specifically place all the reasoning on God's shoulders) When I look at Sister Paulo and tell her it’s time for tracting in my most happy and energetic voice she responds with a laugh then a smile then says "let’s do it!" But we met this way nice lady, Alma tracting last week and she told us we could come back..... Y'all I know my jaw dropped, too! So we went back this week and she was a little hesitant saying she was busy this time too but I really think the pouring rain and wind storm behind us and the spirit told her to let us in. It felt so good! This is the first home I’ve been invited into from tracting since I moved here a month ago. It was so good. I asked her if she had read the pamphlet we had left with her. She told she had and that she loved it and she was going to use it in her Sunday school lesson she was teaching tomorrow at her church. We taught her the Restoration and talked to her about the Book of Mormon. She told she had a Book of Mormon from a friend form 25 years ago! She was really interested once we told her what the Book of Mormon actually was. She said we could come back ;) I probably had a 6 year old cheeser smile on my face.

So it’s been RAINING here a whole ton. Roads flooding and all sorts of crazies. Not to worry the weird Sister with her garden/rubber dress shoes is holding out just fine. My poor companion is always telling me her shoes are soaking wet and asks if she can wear her flip flops haha. I just look at her giggle and tell her no ma'am, ya can’t. Sister Paulo calls me "mama Kerry" pronounced carrie. So funny.

We got to go to the Temple this week. It was incredible and such a special time. I had never been to a sealing before. The temple seemed to be prettier than ever! The Boswell's a family from the Alexandria ward were getting sealed. I sat next to Ms. Robin and held her hand and just cried because it was so beautiful! I was so thrilled to be there and was quite literally stressing at the thought of ever leaving that room. Bu then we did proxy sealings and they were just as special. I realized that temple missionary work is SIGNIFICANTLY easier. Makes sense why God has got me out here in the bayou seeking the elect. He doesn't want me doing the easy work... He needs me on the front line! I was told by several missionaries this week that I am very bold and they wish they could be bold like me. It really caught me off guard! They asked how they could be more bold and I responded with something I had read from true to the faith "You can be Humble and Fearless at the same time!" I literally tell myself that nearly every second of my day! If there is love behind your boldness people take it.
Cool story real fast this guy was standing outside the temple when we came out. He was probably in his 20's and he asked Pop what the temple was or how he could find out more. Pop turns around and points straight to me and said "That's the girl you need to talk to !" Ha we talked to him and got his number. I am excited to start teaching him. He is a college Baptist preacher..... so it may just be curiosity but the spirit does not lie so it'll get the job done!

Haha funniest story for the week, I went to the eye doctor trying to find a cure for my headache but it didn't help. But at the end of my appointment the lady who is Vietnamese needs my insurance info. I told her to call my mom. I immediately laugh to myself because I know my mom and I also know her ability to understand Vietnamese accents. I kid you not I laughed out loud at the thought of my mom and her on the phone. I went and sat down and was slightly nervous for this woman who was soon going to struggle to get her point across to my mom. Before I knew it she was calling me over and telling me that I just needed to talk to my mom and get it figured out haha So in the moment I thought well I could decline and this lady would forever think Mormons are insane because they don't talk to their moms in times of medical need! So I grab the phone and say "Hi, mom!" My mother responds with "Ok for the record I did not ask to talk to you....." Then we both just giggled our heads off. Tender mercy and a miracle from our Lord. He sure has compassion on us mama doesn't he?

Love yall so much. Sorry if this is incredibly choppy. Have a super splendid week a don't forget to change the world. All my love!! Sister Kerr

The Green's brought me a box of my favorite cereal!
Best day ever!!

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