Wednesday, March 9, 2016

7 March 2016 - I believe in Christ, so come what may!

This was a great week! Tons of learning experiences. We were treated to dinner with the Lawes, the mission office couple. They are the sweetest things ever! I absolutely love being close to them. It is a good life. We met with a 75 year old Catholic woman named Bernadine. She is so lonely and cute. She is the one who said that she prayed for company! So we had a great discussion about the Book of Mormon! The spirit was the strongest I have ever had in a Book of Mormon lesson, and I pointed it out to her! She would agree, "Yes! I feel the spirit super strong right now!" Then I would testify that I know the spirit would not be there that strong testifying to us if the Book of Mormon wasn’t true. She was very touched by our testimonies but then declined the offer to receive a Book of Mormon. Her reasoning was she wants to study the Bible more! My companion was pretty distraught thinking of the whole thing as a failure but it truly was amazing! Shoot I'll go back and study the Bible with her! You have got to start somewhere with people and especially when NO ONE will open their door to ya, you’ve got to do whatever it takes! We also offered our cleaning services so we went back on Friday and cleaned her entire house top to bottom. She cried several times and offered to pay us with lunch. We shared some good scriptures with her and she just adores us! I asked her why she let us come back after the first visit. She responded with "I could see that you know God!" It was really special because as she said that tears filled her eyes and she could just see there was something special about us! It was also perfect timing because I have been doing a special study about God and Christ also and I have been praying to know if I really knew them or if I just thought that I did. I really was searching to find out the depth of my relationship with them. So, when she said that I knew it was specifically God answering my specific question! Miracles happen every day in the smallest and least expected ways!

We had a less active lesson that just so happened to be perfect timing with her crawfish boil haha so they invited us to eat on up! It was so good. I stinking love crawfish! It was really fun and a great opportunity to get to know these people! They just loved asking questions about weird New Yokers who don't ever do crawfish boils.

To top off the week we had an incredible member family feed us dinner Sunday night, the Sant's. They are so fun and so normal... they are from out west!... well that explains that one! They spoiled us like crazy and we had a very normal dinner, chicken baked not fried, rolls not biscuits, steamed veggies not green beans in pig fat. I literally felt like I had stepped out of Louisiana for a minute!
This morning we went all over with a member to see all sorts of cool plantations! Louisiana has so much HISTORY! It’s incredible!

I love this place and I love this mission! I love my God too :)

God Bless y'all.
Sister Kerr

Yes, that's a real, live Pit Bull. You can't see how nervous I am!

I told my Mom and Dad they need one of these.

What do you do when McDonalds discontinues Shamrock Shakes? Eat a gallon of mint ice cream.

My companion and me.

Crawfish boil.

Whoa! Those are some spicy crawfish!

Hello friend.

Hello world.

Mossy Oak plantation... just beautiful.

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