Tuesday, March 29, 2016

28 March 2016 - Jesus has risen, Jesus our friend

Hey y'all. I hope everyone had a splendid Easter! I woke up Easter morning to thunder I immediately thought of 3 Nephi 8. It was prophesied for hundreds of years that when Jesus the Christ would be crucified that there would be 3 days for darkness, storms and disasters. I read from 3 Nephi and just thought about those people and how scary that would be to have the world be so dark and cold. It says they were surrounded by a thick vapor leaving it so they couldn't even burn a fire to bring light. They then hear a voice inviting them to come unto Him, repent and be converted that He may heal them! What a beautiful invitation! I then thought about the glorious day of His resurrection, the words to a primary song filled my head. I actually learned it last Easter when I was serving in the McComb Primary it says "Jesus has risen, Jesus our friend. Joy fills our hearts, He lives again!" It made for an incredibly joyful day even though it was so stormy!

Ok Louisiana experience of the week.... We went to this Less actives house and her and her friend live together. Anyways they absolutely love us! We walked in and they had a sandwich waiting for us and immediately got us kool aid to drink! Oh and grapes cant forget the grapes! Well the dog smelled my grapes rubbing his nose all over them. I just looked at the ceiling prayed for strength beyond my own and popped a couple in. The kool aid was actually crystal light so it has the aspartame fake sugar stuff. Well it was watermelon flavor which I don't really enjoy but at this point in my life you put it in front of me, sure I'll eat or drink it. Anyway she ended up mixing a 2 liter mix packet in about 6 oz of water......... ya........ I chugged it but oh my gosh that fake sugar stuff destroyed my body! I was having sharp pains for like 3 days... my wimpy digestive tract couldn't handle the super strong watermelon crystal light haha. It made for a good laugh.

So last night we were coming out of our dinner appointment, some members fed us...(I may or may not have called and invited us over on Friday because no one had signed up for Easter.) They fed us etoufee, ham and potato salad, way good and I ate way to much but when we were leaving I opened the front door and was walking towards our car, we had parked on the street. There was this car that had backed out of its driveway and nearly t-boned our car right as I was walking up to it! I just shout out to him " Did you just hit our car?" (It kinda reminded me when I asked John, "Are you in our garden?" haha I just speak my mind.) He yells back "No, but I almost did!" Me: "Oh ok, Happy Easter!" He yelled back "Thank goodness for the Resurrection!" I love Louisiana so much :)

This lady drove her car into a ditch on accident. We pulled over to check on her and she was ok just needed to call AAA to come and tow her. So I read her her license plate number so she could write it down. It was super rainy and muddy. I had my rain boots on so I just walked through the swampy ditch and then I pictured an alligator eating me. Ya I wont be doing that again haha.

We went tracting, and I am really pushing and shoving Sister Paulo out of the nest. She did the initial approach at the door introducing us as LDS missionaries and the lady wasn't too interested but we got to chatting with her and she opened up! She said she had a lot going on in her life that was really burdening her so she didn't have time for God. I bore testimony that because of that she needs God more than ever. We prayed with her and she then asked if she could say a prayer. She thanked God for sending us and told us to come back in 2 weeks :) We walked away feeling spiritually empowered! It was wonderful. Sister Paulo said to me "This is my favorite day of my whole mission because I open my mouth!" She is so cute and is learning to trust God to give her the words to say. It has been a wonderful week! I love y'all so much. Keep up the good work!

Love Sister Kerr

What is that!??? I was pumping gas and it landed next to me! You know on the Grinch when they are feeding him tons of food and one guy says, "This is not bread pudding!" and the Grinch yells out, "What is that!?" That's the voice I used! Haha!

 Mormon Helping Hands!

 Mormon Helping Hands picking up sticks!

 Easter packages!

Sister Call is going home next week.

Our lesson with Bernadine! It went really well. We took Kathie, a recent convert, with us!

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