Wednesday, April 13, 2016

12 March 2016 - Bye Sis Paulo, Hi Sis Hyer

Good morning y'all! So Sister Paulo is gone... but only to the neighboring area so... she close! But my new companion is Sister Hyer, she is from Roy, Utah. We went straight to work and we met this way nice/ not interested guy who directed us to his friend’s house who might be interested! So we went over and met that guy (the timing was beyond perfect and sparked by God!) But we get there to meet Mr. Charles and we find out he is a Christian Preacher..... ok I got slightly nervous because I was really unsure about how my companion would react. So I grabbed hold of that situation and just started teaching him about the Restoration! He didn't shun the idea at all and agreed to reading the pamphlet. I asked if we could pray with them and he said of course, so we did and then left. I walked away and the only thing I could say was "That was the most Christian Preacher I’ve ever met!" I was so impressed, even if he doesn't convert or even read the pamphlet he didn't yell, call name or demand us to leave immediately! I was so touched by this experience. It will stay with me forever.

Update on Sister Banta, we have decided that we are kindred spirits! After our conference experience, I prayed super hard that I would know how to tactfully bring up the idea of her quitting smoking! We met up with her and taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She loved it and just asked all sorts of questions. At the end of the lesson, she looked at me and said "I'm a failure..." So I asked why she felt that way. She told us she had decided to quit smoking on Sunday but within 2 days, she was not able to! I just started crying immediately, my prayer was heard from God and rested right on her heart. She told me that the spirit told her she needed to quit. So I bore my testimony to her and promised her that we would help her to quit. We sang I Need Thee Every Hour with her and it was so special. Sad news though she got the stomach bug so she wasn't able to come to the Relief Society activity or Church. But I talked to her last night and she said she is starting to feel better, so this week holds big and great things for our dear sweet Sister Banta!

Funny story... We had correlation with our Ward Mission Leader at sonic for half-priced shakes. They had tons of new fun flavors so I used my persuasive skills and talked everyone into trying some weird flavor! So I got wild berry lavender (ha yes lavenders are flowers...) Sister Hyer got buttered toffee (Tasted like a stick of butter), Elder Elison got Dulce de leche, and Elder Armstrong got Bourbon vanilla! The waitress brought us our shakes and she passed them out. Then she was telling us a story about a recent customer who told her that they had put too much alcohol in her bourbon shake..... Ahhhhh man... Elder Armstrong and I just look at each other like shoot... did I just order an Elder an alcoholic beverage. His face was all nervous. Then she ended the story by telling us that she had to explain to the customer that Sonic doesn't sell alcohol! It was so funny. Our Ward Mission Leader was dying laughing. It made for a great starter to our meeting. I love the awkward innocence of missionaries!

Love Y'all and God Bless

Sister Kerr

Brother Shute that bakes everyone bread!

Sister Paulo's 12 week diploma :) I promised her that if she would do it I would make her a diploma!

Sister Hyer and I.

My posterity! We are missing Sister Lanning, she wasn't at the transfer meeting!
I'm the mama of the mission :)

 Sister Widdison went home! Dang.... I learned so much about myself and what I'm made of when I was comps with her! She is now my best friend and I am going to miss her so bad!

 Mint oreo shakes!

 I decided to see myself in the temple every day when I'm getting ready :)
Sister Hyer and I.

Outside the Temple.

Down by the Bayou.

Down by the Bayou.

Down by the Bayou.

This little girl, Blythe was sent home with this sock monkey from school, its just like Q-Bear! I loved it :)

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