Tuesday, April 19, 2016

18 April 2016 - Haircut, High Hopes and the Holy Ghost

I got my haircut and its curlier than ever because of the intense humidity! Its gettin hot down here y'all. My companion is loving the humidity... haha jk she hates it, but shell get used to it eventually :)
Some highlights from our Zone Conference:
"Allow God to fight for you" Joshua 3:5
"It's all going to be ok!" President Hansen
"But undaunted still he trusted, in his Heavenly Fathers care." Hymn 26
I loved conference this week! I learned a lot about being willing to give your heart and will to God and it will all be ok :)

So Sister Banta was sick with the flu still all this past week. We stopped at the store and I got her some flowers. We brought them by and expressed our love then we skedaddled before we caught whatever she had! We also saw Nana Holcomb, she is in her 80's and just got moved into an assisted living because of her Parkinson's disease. I absolutely adore her and when we were coordinating with the Elders they broke the news to me that she doesn't live in our area..... Ya whoops... I didn't know haha But it was really sad to say good bye to her and give her to the Baton Rouge North Sisters.

God has really been sharpening my listening skills when it comes to hearing direction from the Holy Ghost! I have really been praying hard that I would increase in ability to know what to do and when to do it! So when we were driving past a less actives I had the feeling that we needed to come back tonight to see them and it was definitely spirit led! The mom of the house opens the door and invites us right in to meet her sick father who is prepping for a surgery for his cancer. We talked about the power of prayer and she just cried through the whole thing. It was really awesome. We also saw our investigator Alma for the first time in WEEKS! We were tracting and having great success but then the spirit told me "Leave right now and go see Alma!" So we did and it was awesome.

We went to see an investigator and I couldn't find her house! So I figured one of the houses close to where the GPS dropped us off would know who our investigator Amber was. I walked up to the first trailer and this little girl was playing on the stair hand rail like it was a jungle gym! I asked if her mom was home so she ran and got her. I asked her when she came if she knew who Amber was! She said "Oh ya.. she be stayin right down dere. Oh and the white poles will lead you to the door." oh suga.... I was hoping that wouldn't be her house when we drove past it there was this fierce looking dog the size of Skyler's old dog Chief on the front steps. I asked her if the dog was nice and she said yes. "Oh ya! Her name is Lady, just tell her to stay down because she will jump on ya!" Ah man I was so glad for that warning because when we made it to the white poles to lead us to the door this huge dog came barreling at us. My companion who is like a foot shorter than me immediately starts yelling "Lady down. Lady down." Haha I was laughing so hard this dag was jumping on us like crazy standing up it was the height of my companion. It was a good time and a really sweet dog!

We met an adorable African American couple, the Dukes. They have a 14 month old son and just moved into a nice house. We had a fantastic Restoration lesson with them and they are super excited to read the Book of Mormon! After we taught Brandon the husband asked if there was such thing as black Mormons. I couldn't help but laugh and I told him of course there are! I explained that it was a world wide church intended for every race and nationality. We really want to watch meet the Mormons with them at a members house soon! Pray that works out!

Funnies: Someone drove through our security gate at our apartments... I went to put in the code and realized the whole thing had been ripped off... haha I laughed real hard!
I let a lizard bite my ear! I have been wanting to do it since Mississippi but just never had the courage!
We coordinate at a Sonic restaurant that members own and they give us free shakes a lot of the time! Its the best.
I told Sister Hyer some of my Mississippi stories and she was literally gagging. She had tears in her eyes and was full on gagging.. I just thought "Wow these are gems, my family will cherish these stories forever!" ha

I loved this week so much! We got to go to the temple and had a wonderful day at church! It was just so uplifting! I hope yalls week was as upbeat and positive as mine, if not make it be!
Love you to the moon and back,
Sister Kerr

 This is me and Nana Holcomb.

This little girl's name was Emree and it made me think of my niece Emree!! I can't believe she turned 1 this week! But this girl looked like Pepper so I thought she could be my niece!!
 This is the Sant family! Sari Sant is leaving on her mission this week! She is going to Argentina :)
After 13 months I finally worked up the courage to wear the lizard like an earring! All the southern kids do it! That thing was latched on there too!

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