Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 April 2016 - General Conference aka Missionary Super Bowl !

Such a good week! So do y'all remember the lady who's husband died right when I moved to Baton Rouge? Her name is Barbara Banta, she is in her 70's and she is so cute! She is from Baton rouge but married her husband when she was young. He was from Rexburg, Idaho. She has informed me that there are tons of Banta's in Ashton, Chester, St. Anthony and Rexburg, Id. I just laughed my head off, what a small world. So Mom and Sky, do you know any Banta's? We sang her my favorite hymn, Nearer My God to Thee when we first met her and then we have visited her a couple times since. Anyways she was baptized when she lived in Rexburg but really has no clue about the church, she really hasn't ever been active. So we went to see her and asked if we could come back and watch General Conference with her. She was a little hesitant because its so long but then she agreed to have us for the Saturday afternoon session. So we jumped right on that wagon before she could turn us down haha. We went and watched and during Elder Arnold's talk about the less actives and rescuing the lost sheep she pointed right at the screen and said that man is talking right to me! Then she looked at us and said "God sent you girls to me didn't he?" We confirmed that He sure did! So she immediately told us she was ready to learn more about the church and to come back. We were so excited to hear her exclaim such a righteous desire! Before the session was done she asked if we would come back on Sunday to watch it with her some more. We did and once more she felt very touched. We sat like 3 little sardines on her little couch listening to the inspired speakers and it hit me, how blessed are we to live at a time where God has a living prophet on the earth to guide us and to provide words of peace. I sat forward on the couch and began to cry as I listened to the words of Jeffrey R. Holland. His words penetrated my heart so deeply, tears of gratitude and so much love just filled me as I just absorbed everything I was feeling. Sister Banta just says "It's a miserable couch, huh?" haha She thought I had sat forward because of discomfort but I just turned to her and said "Nope I'm nice and comfy by you!" Before we left Sister Banta asked if we could come back to teach her soon. We set up an appointment and when we got to the car I looked at Sister Paulo and told her "This is why I'm here!" Its the best feeling ever when God confirms or tells you why you were sent to an area or why you serve with specific people.

Transfer update!: I am staying here in Prairieville! Sister Paulo is getting transferred tomorrow morning and I am training another new missionary! I am excited :) Yay for the greenie fire that new missionaries come packed with! We are going to baptized the entire city of Prairieville. Love y'all, God Bless ya,

Sister Kerr

I got Kensey's wedding announcement! So excited for her. Yay for my sisters wedding!

 We found the one Samoan in Baton Rouge! haha! She just fell in love with Sister Paulo so she had us for lunch this past weekend. She had her Pilipino friends over to meet the Samoan Mormon. Well, I walked in first and they all just starred at me and said "Whoa, she is so beautiful and WHITE!" I had to tell them quickly that I was not the Samoan. It was hilarious! They all called me "palagi" which means white person.

Sister Banta and us!

 We went to the old capital building in downtown Baton Rouge.

 Sister Paulo and I with the capital building. Dang I am going to miss my Samoan!

We went out to Red Lobster because someone gave us a gift card. Yay for sea food!

General Conference Sunday morning at the Sant home of the Baton Rouge 3rd Ward.

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