Sunday, June 12, 2016

06 June 2016 Jehova-Hireh

Why hello there my dears! I pray all is well. All is well here for sure. The Lord's influence in my life is pretty dang powerful. Sorry this one is going to be kind of short! But some highlights from my week are we had an incredible lesson with Bernadine, we were at a restaurant but even in the atmosphere the spirit was overwhelming! We got to talking about how much God can truly change us and strengthen us if we let Him. She is 75 and in the mind set that she is too old to change, that she is too set in her ways to change perspective. But we really felt like she needs to make changes in her life so we brought it up and told her to pick something to work on to change, I told her about my experience with giving up fear and she cried. She also told us she is finally willing to read the Book of Mormon with us! It is so exciting.
We had the most spiritual lesson with the Richards this week, we had a lesson about where the Book of Mormon came from and then Sister Hyer and I just both bore our testimonies about how we knew it was true and that it plays a huge part of the plan because it leads us back to our Heavenly Father. We were basically whispering and you could hear a pin drop. I then took the moment to tell them how badly God wants them to be an eternal family. Then we closed with a prayer and left. As we were pulling away I just had the most reassuring feeling that Shane was truly effected by the spirit that was in that room! I love this family so much!
We had a really special lesson with Kathie, she is prepping for the Temple so we are reading the "Preparing to enter the Temple" pamphlet with her. There were several things that I learned and was just blown away by the spirit with! haha I looked at Kathie and we both just had goosebumps! I love that we will never know everything!
We studied A LOT this week because I was either super sick or it was awful weather out. But I learned a ton :) I have truly seen that if you have an inquiring mind the Lord will answer any question for you, if youre willing to prepare well for the answer. One of my favorite studies was about Abraham and Issac in Genesis 22. It talks about his willingness to do whatever the Lord asked, no matter the extremeness! I am just so amazed with the Faith he had I hope I can mirror it someday. My favorite part though is when Abraham is told that he doesn't have to kill Issac and so he then names the mountain or place where they are at Jehovah- Jireh meaning "the Lord will see or provide." This has been my motto for the week and it hasn't proved me wrong once!

It truly came in handy right after a dinner appointment when we found out that the people we had visited had Mersa... ummm flesh eating infection! Well that is great news, my companion looked so scared and I just smiled at her and said Jehovah-Jireh! And God really did because the family across the street told us that they had Mersa and sent us home with an anti microbial wash to disinfect our skin! haha It was a great time.. no signs of infection yet!

God Bless I love you all :)
Sister Kerr

 FHE with the Cox family, Cameron and Brady.

... meet Brady. He is special!

It is so rainy!

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