Sunday, June 12, 2016

30 May 2016 Words Can't Describe

This was a rewarding week! Highlight was Caden's baptism! It was on Saturday and it went so smoothly! I always get so stressed for baptisms. I have decided I could NEVER be an event coordinator/planner because I am too much of a perfectionist. I am nerves the whole time making sure everything goes perfectly. I only forgot one thing... because there is always something, I forgot to make sure the WML reserved the church building. A not so happy Spanish Branch President came up to me at the end of the baptism to inform me he had reserved the building!... Well there is always something... So on Thursday night I started feeling really sick, dizzy and nauseous... immediately I thought Caden's sickness has finally caught up with me haha because Shane had it, then a week later Caden got it and now a week later I had it! so I ended up having to stay in bed all day Friday and I as getting worried about being sick during th baptism because I had to at least have the energy to speak at the baptism. I got a blessing and it was short sweet and to the point. It told me I would be better for the baptism. Saturday morning I woke up still not netter but just went about doing all that we needed to, it wasn't until we got to the church and walked in that my sickness just went away! It was a miracle, I felt completely better, I felt as though I hadn't been sick at all! The baptism was so spiritual and so wonderful. Shane, Caden's dad cried he was so proud of his son. He told us later "Words can't describe what I felt as I watched my son be baptized." It was so so incredible. He was confirmed right after his baptism so that all his family members from out of ton could be there. When they said "receive the Holy Ghost" the spirit flooded into the room so powerfully! Then at the very end when we were shewing everyone out of the room so that the Spanish branch could move into the room Caden just started bawling! I got kind of nervous thinking what happened? This was so good why would he be upset! His dad and Leesa went over to him to find out what was the matter. He told them "I've never felt this way before! I am just so happy!" It was the cutest thing ever. That by will perform miracles someday. I hope he serves a mission himself! I love the Richard family with my whole soul!!!
         We had an amazing lesson about the temple with Kathie. She and Bill are getting ready to go in September. It will probably be the last week of my mission. She wants me to be there really bad! I pray I will be able to go! She is an ANGEL and spoils us rotten. She is a total mother to us!!

The work is good.... Now its back to ground zero again!
God Bless and have a nice day
Sister Kerr

 Sister Hyer is getting a neice!

 The Richard family.

Caden has bunny ears.

 Sharing Jesus with the churrin. (children)

 Caden's baptism day.

Gene and Carlos.

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