Sunday, July 17, 2016

13 June 2016 Spiritual Juice

Super week yall! We had Elder Kapishke come and visit! It was so special! I learned so much as he just unloaded his spiritual knowledge on us! He taught so powerfully and so boldly about our roles as missionaries and the things that we must accomplish. He talked a lot about our Diving Nature and the ground work behind it. It really was like a fire hose to the face... and I went to 3 of his meetings. But in every meeting he brought up something that I had specifically prayed would be addressed or talked about. It was remarkable. One of my favorite things said was "Joy shared is joy multiplied and pain shared is pain divided." It was beautifully put :)

We were able to visit lots of families this week! God just kept reminding me about how His plan is centered on these families! They are the plan! Sister Hyer and I just keep talking about everyone's potential and it just makes us so excited to be apart of them!

Our investigator Shane came with his wife to the adult session of the stake conference, and then his son too on the Sunday morning session. It just made me realize the love and respect he has for his family and his desire to support them to the best of his ability. We have been praying about a fellowship family for the Richards and only one families name would come to mind! Cool, only problem is, is we know nothing about them! Come to find out the wives have the same job and basically same background story because the dad of this family wasn't a member of the church for the longest time.

We needed one more hour of service yesterday to reach our goal that we had set for the week, so we went to the nursing home and sang hymns! The little old ladies adored us! They were so sweet and loving, the spirit was so strong! One lady asked me where I was from like 6 times, every time I would say New York & she would gasp and say "BUSY BUSY BUSY!" haha it was funny, people have no idea that there is a small town New York.

I got to see Sister Paulo this week she has grown so much and she hits her 6 month mark in a couple of days! Also on the 16th Sister Hyer has been out 3 months. Time is so weird and so hard to keep track of!

FUNNY STORY!: My companion forgot her name tag, I noticed while she was backing the car up. She had the funniest look of panic on her face and I immediately started laughing! But we really needed to go because we were going to be late to our appointment. She ran to my window in a panic "Sister, Sister! I forgot my tag!" I told her "I see that, we don't have time to grab it, just get in and we will come back for it after the appointment." She gives me a look like I was asking her to jump off a cliff. She finally got in the car and we drove off. I think she was mad at me.... So I said "Sister, it will be ok!!" She just whispers "I hope so...." I just busted out laughing and told her "Sister, do you hear yourself? Your name tag is not what makes you a missionary! You will be just fine, I promise. What do you think is going to happen? Your name tag does not give you magical powers....!" Then she started laughing too. Oh the greenie drama just keeps me going! It was a lesson well learned for her though.

Terribly sorry if these are getting drier and drier every week. I just get so dang bored sitting at the computer. So much happens in my week that I also don't even know where to start! We are busy bees and life never ever slows down! The work is good. We got a new Stake President and he said that he had a vision of our area having 3 stakes! I can totally see it. The vision of the south is coming true!

Love Sister Kerr

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