Sunday, May 29, 2016

23 May 2016 Paid the Price to Serve

So... the price paid....drum roll please.... ANT BITES.... I know yall are probably thinking "Again?? you'd think she would learn." Well that is exactly what I was thinking too! But apparently God needed to humble me a bit. I am allergic to the ants so my feet always swell up and burn for days! Luckily I only got 2 bites this time but it still swelled right up. It was so funny we were in a lesson with the Richards and they saw my pathetic fat ankle and offered me a bag of frozen corn to hold on it for a bit. Ahh man I love the south. I've come to the conclusion that when the Bible talks about people burning in Hell it will be a place covered with fire ants.... I literally couldn't think of anything more Hellish than ant bites. Personal opinion though.. not doctrine ;)

So this was a really good week. There was a Tornado... again! It touched down near a cyclery store and took out some of their glass windows. Most of the damage was in a development named Shenandoah. We have oodles of members and less actives living there so we went and helped. Mainly Kathie, our recent convert and the Sister Rebstock a less active. I had to scoop tons of branches out of Kathie's pool because my arms were the only ones long enough. We were so glad we could help her because her husband was out on the riverboat where he works. Then a tree had fallen on Sister Rebstocks house and she was just giving up depressed! I told her we would figure out how to get rid of it without spending all the money she doesn't have! I called 6 different active men in the ward and only one answered and had no help to offer! I was starting to think "Man, maybe I shouldn't have offered our services so quickly.. because apparently we have no services to offer!" right then the elders pulled up and offered to help! They went and introduced themselves to Sis Rebstock and told her "Why pay to have the tree removed when we are strong and stupid?" haha they got on the roof and threw down branches while Sister Hyer and I drug them to the road. We got it ALL off the roof and most of it cut down, all with Elder Elison's leathermans pocket knife saw.

Caden is ready to be baptized this Saturday! We are so excited. Its at 2 o'Clock. We had our last lesson with him last night and one of our first lessons with his dad! It went so beautifully. They sent us home with 3 packed containers of Jambalaya leftovers.... he said that is how much he was told to cook for 5 people. He said he used 6 cups of rice! haha He wasn't kidding though that is completely normal for people to cook that much for one meal!

We watched the woman's broadcast with Bernadine at Kathie's house finally! It went great too. It was a really full week! Biggest lesson learned : Mosiah 2:17 "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God"

These people go through SO MUCH!
We aren't earning Heaven though, we are LEARNING it!

Love Sister Kerr

 Bunkering down in the tub with our bike helmets the night of the storm!

 Cleaning up the storm mess from Kathie's house.

We served and in return, she bought us a hamburger and fries from jack in the box... the first fast food burger I've had in over a year! 

Clearing the debris with Elder Elison's leatherman pocket knife saw.

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