Sunday, July 17, 2016

28 June 2016 Your cat lost 30 pounds?!

So I think over the past year Ive established about how strange this place really is. I'm sure that any of it truly does it justice though! Sorry its been two weeks since yall have heard from me. The computer was a struggle last week and it just wouldn't let me on my email. So I've got lots of updates. I am being transferred, I am going to Lafayette, LA. Which probably means nothing to yall but I'm way excited. Ive heard nothing but marvelous things about this place. Apparently they have the best fried chicken in the country... My insides might die but its worth a try. Also, way back when in March of last year I was supposed to go to Lafayette, but then President Hansen felt the need to change me to McComb mid sentence. I know I was needed in McComb and so I'm so excited to know that I'm needed in Lafayette too, and that NOW the timing is right for me to be there.

We had the most phenomenal lesson this week with a less active! We have been praying about how we can help her and we finally thought of bringing Sister Cox with us to see her. It sounds simple but it took a lot of planning sorting and consulting with the relief society president and by the end Sister Cow was officially crowned as Sister Burnett's visiting teacher with us missionaries as her partner! So we had a stellar lesson which just happened to be on Temple covenants and ordinances... can I just say that the First Presidency is inspired! We have been focusing on the temple with her since General Conference! But Sister Cox and her got along so well and then we realized how similar their life stories were. It was so inspired by God. Sister Hyer and I were just so excited we had followed the spirit step by step with this one. It went so well that she even came to church on Sunday, it was a miracle. We also had another less active couple, Carol and Alferedo come to church too! We met them this week and had a powerful lesson with them too. We were so excited to see them walking into sacrament meeting.

We had a lesson with Shane and Leesa this week too. It was so fantastic! Shane opened up and shared his concerns and questions. Surprisingly the Book of Mormon was the answer to every single one of his questions! Surprised?? I wasn't... not even in the slightest... that BOOK is no ordinary book. It is the word of God and because its the word of God the SPIRIT speaks peace to our souls. So what do you know? Can you guess who is going to be reading the Book of Mormon this week?? Shane :) I am so sad to leave them, my heart is literally breaking at the thought.

We got a new investigator named Alison. She is the daughter to an active member. Se just moved from Ohio to here to get to know her dad better, she is 19 and I am super sad I am leaving so soon because we got along great!

We were at this ladies house and she let us know that her incredibly obese cat had recently just lost 30 pounds and that that was why all its skin was dragging on the ground.... What?!! Ive recently lost 30 pounds how the heck can a cat lose 30 pounds!? Oh and yes its official I am back down to my pre- mission weight!! Mississippi did me dirty!
Oh I have a funny story that I don't think Ive told yall about yet, we were at Kathie's house, a recent convert when I got a phone call from the mission office it went like this
Elder Bunn "Hello Sister Kerr!"
Me"Why hello there Elder Bunn, how can I help you?"
Elder Bunn" Well I have an officer on the other line telling me that your car has been abandoned and has been called into him as suspicious..."
Me"Oh boy.... we parked it outside a less actives house... what should we do?"
Elder Bunn"Well there should be an officer at your car right now! Go talk to him!"
haha so we ran down the road and talked to him. He was super nice and friendly and forgave us immediately. Later the less active called and told us her side of the story. She said that her nosey neighbor had called her while she was at work and told her that there was a car abandoned in front of her house and that the situation looked really suspicious! So she called the police! Our less active just kept apologizing and saying "I almost put to Mormon missionaries in jail! I would have felt so bad! Can you forgive me!?"
It was so funny!!

Well God Bless yall and Prairieville, the land I've come to love.
Sister Kerr

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