Sunday, July 17, 2016

11 July 2016 Alexandria Bound

This was a really good week. It was mostly filled with me getting to know more people from the area! There is so much to soak in and so much to be done! We were tracting and met several really nice people, one of them was Mr. Mike. He said we could come back so we did and ended up accidentally knocking at the wrong house... haha Well anyways Sister Nelson says "Hello there, Mr. Mike!"  Then she realized it wasn't the same guy and says "Wait.... your not Mr. Mike." hahahaa it was so embarrassing and funny. Sister Nelson is so fun to serve with. We get along great and are already having some of the coolest spiritual experiences! Sadly there was a shooting in Baton Rouge which has stirred up tons of chaos. We now have to be inside before dark and avoid groups of people. Sad what the world is coming to but prophesies are being fulfilled! So on the bright side we had this really good lesson with our investigator Mr. Lewis he is in his 80's and just lost his wife. He is from NY too so we had an instant connection! We talked about the plan of salvation and invited him to read about where his wife is now in the Book of Mormon. He was really excited to hear about it.
The Richard family drove to Lafayette to see me! Shane never got to say goodbye to me:( So they came down and took us out to dinner. It was so fun and I loved every second of it. I miss them already. We talked about the Book of Mormon and they said they were still reading! They decided to pull a prank on me. Sister Langford, my old companion took my place in Prairieville and Shane kept saying what if I don't like the new sister?? So after their first appointment with Sister Hyer and Sister Langford and Sister O (they are in a trio) Leesa texted to let me know that it went terrible and that Shane cannot stand the new sisters. They offended him and made him not want anything to do with missionaries! I flipped out and called her immediately! I talked to her, Shane and Caden. I was sure they were lying but I couldn't get any of them to crack! I asked Caden to promise on my life that they hated the new Sister and then they drew the line haha Told me they were just kidding! Apparently Shane thinks sister Langford and I are just alike, and people on the phone always call her Sister Kerr. She has to tell them that I got transferred! Sister Banta called her Macey... hahaha I love those people so much! Also, I just found out that Shane has decided to pay tithing now, I am so proud and so excited for the changes that he is making :) We met the Porter family, they are super sweet and super open to the gospel. Sister Langford actually found them tracting a year ago when she served in this area. I love Lafayette, especially the members! They take such good care of us.

I studied a lot about the importance of humbling ourselves and sanctifying ourselves this week. We never know what or when God is going to ask us to do something but he asks us to be ready and prepared always! The more prepared the better God can use us! Its just like the story of the ten virgins, go read that story and then think about what it is that you can do to fill your lamps with oil. Whether it be spiritually or physically, we must always be ready. The scriptures also say that those who are prepared have NO need to fear!

Surprise of the week: I get to go to Alexandria tomorrow for a zone conference... I am in Baton rouge zone so I really dont know why or how this is happening the Assistants just called and told us to go! I did not question them. They said it was just by chance but I knew it truly is a TENDER MERCY from God!! I hope yall have a good week.

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