Monday, June 1, 2015

1 June 2015 - Fire Ants, Fleas, BB Gun welts and Trusting God.

Well I can't believe its been another week! I am so glad to hear from every single person in my family this week! It was a miracle. I love you guys!!! It's been a year since I graduated from Dental Assistant school! Have y'all looked up when my license expires yet? It's in the top of my closet in an envelope.
     So this week was so great :) P day last week we went fishing in Liberty, MS. Fun fact sweetened condensed milk was invented there. We met the Elders in our district and went fishing at a pond across the street from the Liberty Elders apartment. Today we are going to Hammond, LA to go to an alligator farm! Woot woot. We had a memeber take our whole district (4 elders 2 sisters) to Golden Corral. He is so stinking nice his name is John. He doesn't consider himself less active because he is always with missionaries but its been forever since he has been to church. His mom is Grace the super Anti. Lunch was so good and I really could only think of the 2 other times I had been to Golden Corral. In Florida for Thanksgiving and in Pocatello to meet up with Whitney, Kyle, Addey, Pepper, and Kade this past summer. I just can see Pepper's face as she is gliding her cotton candy on a stick through the chocolate fountain... Priceless!!
       We went tracting and we met a lady named Patsy (which is an adorable name!) She was busy but she didn't want to be rude so she asked for some literature because she is a retired school teacher. So I gave her a restoration pamphlet. Then I thought, a restoration pamphlet is for rookies!! Not a retired school teacher. So I gave her a Book of Mormon and she was really excited and so shocked when I told her it was free. She said that she had always wanted to read it! So great. Then she said that her church, I don't remember what religion she was, teaches that they need to be more like the Mormons, willing to share their beliefs. I thought that was so great. Made me feel worth while. People are seeing the example we are setting.
      Dang then I got out of the car at our next appointment at a Less Actives house. They were all on the front porch so I got out and started waving like a goon then without even watching where I was stepping planted my foot in a fire ant hill. They are as bad as they sound... no worse! I some how managed to get my shoe and socks off and shake out the ants and get them back on before anyone noticed. But through the entire lesson I used my water bottle to itch my foot. Now that its been a week they (all 9 of them) have blistered. They itch so bad. Thanks mom for the anti-itch. We knew I would need it! It doesn't stop there though. We went to Tasha's house to share a lesson and we walk in and I get shot my a like 7 year old girl holding a BB gun. She didn't even know what she was doing, just accidentally shot me! It stung... and I got a welt. I leaned over to Sister Smith in the middle of the lesson when Tasha was on the phone and showed her and she about died. She had no idea I had got shot. Proof that I'm not always a dramatic baby. I must be growing up. Anyways during that lesson with Tasha and her step daughter Bri we were talking to them about their reading. It was so loud and so crazy but then Bri looked at us and said "Before, I had no desire to read the Book of Mormon, but today I got a feeling that I needed to. So I started over and I've been reading all day. I am on 1 Ne. 17!" The spirit was so strong and I was so taken off guard because the environment was not what you were expecting to be able to feel the spirit so strong!
       We were visiting someone this week and it was like our third visit of the week because we are trying to help them get into the habit of reading scriptures daily. We are sitting there trying to read the Book of Mormon and then one of the little boys yells "aww these flea bits are so bad and itchy!" Sister Smith then says " Y'all have fleas?" and they just reply nonchalantly "Yes" Then the next little boy yells "Oh no Sister Kerr you stepped in the pile of dog poop in front of your chair!" Lets just say I showered with my crocs on and they are the greatest tender mercy!!
     We went back to Tasha's and washed her car! Then we went back later and had a lesson. because it's summer break all her nieces and nephews were up form New Orleans. We decided to read 3 Ne. 11 when Christ descends to the people of the Ancient America's. There were like 8 kids ranging form age 11 to 3 months. But it was quiet and you could feel the spirit. I was amazing how familiar the kids were with the Bible so it was easy to explain the role of the Book of Mormon. Tye, one of the kids that is always there for lessons then closed with a prayer saying "Thank you Lord God for sending Sister Kerr and Sister Smith. If it weren't for them we would have never heard of the Book of Mormon and would still be missing half of your word." It brought tears to my eyes. I love these people!
           The McComb Elders got a car! Yay for them the hills are pretty bad here! My companion had a birthday :) The Rayborns threw her a birthday bash. It was cute. Every fifth Sunday is a potluck and man McComb Branch knows how to cook! Ridiculous amounts of food. They sent us home with leftovers, this was a sign of we are loved! Last time they sent home all the leftovers with the Elders but this time they split it. We are important too :) Now that they know us!
          We saw Amanda and Jimmy again. We taught plan of Salvation. They are really progressing. We brought them a teaching record so they can mark their progress as we go for themselves! It's so great. They know our purpose and they are so interested. Jimmy prayed to know if God would just let them know about the Book of Mormon. He also said that they were willing to switch religions if that is what God wanted for them! I love them.
        Last night I was so tired I went straight to bed. Sister Smith stayed up doing things but when she came to bed she said I asked her if we had eaten dinner. I have no memory of this. I may talk in my sleep now! She said it wasn't a groggy voice either. I sounded wide awake.
        Well it was truly an amazing week because God's hand was in literally everything we did. Miracles are happening left and right and I know it's because of Him. I love y'all have a great week.
             Sister Kerr

Ice cream machine at golden corral!

Chicken truck.... So stinking sad they are every where because there is a chicken slaughter house.

Max AC. There is no other way down here!

Sister Smith and I :)

Tasha's nieces and nephews at the car wash!

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