Tuesday, May 26, 2015

24 May 2015 - Another week as Sister Kerr

It was a super fun kinda crazy week! Shout out to Mama and Daddy for your birthdays :) I hope they are super awesome. I love you both. Addey you looked so beautiful for prom. Was it fun? I am so glad your waffle party was a hoot, I knew it would be! I have the most fun family in the world!
This week was a good week for laying down some ground work around here. We have quite a few people that we are working with, but it seemed like all of them were busy or not available this week. Kinda frustrating but not terrible. We ended up tracting a bit! Always fun... So hopefully this week our appointments will go through.
          Yesterday we had some visitors at church from Texas. They were visiting their parents in Osyka, MS which is in our area. They are less actives because they are so old. So they invited us to lunch so we could meet their parents. We put it in the GPS and it was an hour away! So we headed out there and when we got there it ended it they had invited us to their family reunion type party! I couldn't believe it. It was so sweet of them to do such a thing. We got there and they were planning on feeding everyone a roast, but the oven blew a fuse and by the time it was replaced it would not have been done in time for us missionaries. So they threw together an amazing homemade soup because they knew we wouldn't have tons of time. I can't even express how thoughtful that was and how much it meant! It is so true we don't have time to just hang around and eat. It's a quick bite and go and that was the first time I had that :) Felt pretty good to have our work understood.
           We had a bonfire and outdoor family home evening with the Rayborns. They are so cute and so southern. The dad is from New Orleans and the mom from Salt Lake. Hahaha quite the family. I love them with all my heart! We played "good kitty" and oh man these kids were laughing.
            Ms. Cathy we have now nicknamed her our Mississippi Mima. Everyone down here calls their grandma their Mima. So cute. Anyways she is super sick still so no meeting with her! We made her some homemade chicken noodle soup. It actually tasted way good I was very pleased with our crafty soup!
             We got a Branch Mission Leader... Hola. We are excited to work with him.
            I have come to notice the importance of listening. Everyone is different and lives differently because of their experiences. So you need to listen to them so you can find the way that you can help them the way that God needs you to. I think that is why they say that without the spirit you cannot teach. Because you literally don't know what to teach people because you have no clue what they need. Sorry if I am rambling, it made perfect sense to me. Yall have a blessed week and email me please!! I love you and I love my mission and my people.
Love Sister Kerr

Me on our trip to Osyka killing time with the cows because we were going to be 10 minutes early to dinner so we decided to take pictures :)

Ms. Shirley from the nursing home that we always sing to :) She is so cute

The soup we made for Mississippi Mima (Ms. Cathy)

Ms. Carolyn @ the nursing home, she LOVES US!

My $1 LSU Nike sweatshirt.

Family Home Evening @ the Rayborn's!

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