Wednesday, June 24, 2015

22 June 2015 - Sweating bullets, Eating turkey necks and Finding at Kroger's!

Oh my gosh what a week. It was super full of miracles. First off Happy Fathers Day Daddy, I hope it was as good as ever! Sounds like it was because y'all spent it in Maine! How cool is that? How long of a drive was it? I want to hear all about it.
      Sister Lanning is adjusting super fast just like I did. She seriously hit the ground running and it was a relief! We have had lots to keep up with and she is just as organized as I am so surprisingly hardly nothing has slipped through the cracks. But I don't give us credit for that it's totally God. We got a phone call this week from the Zone Leaders asking us if we would be willing to instruct on the Area Book at Specialized Zone Conference.... say what???? Us? Did you call the right Sisters? I am so grateful that in the first week of my mission I read in Preach My Gospel "How would you feel if you needed to present your area book to Jesus Himself to show your efforts?" I decided that I wouldn't feel comfortable because I really didn't know what was in it. So for 3 months we have been working on it. Now I would feel great presenting it! And I guess that is why they felt impressed to ask us to bring ours to present it and talk about why it's important. So that will be stressful but a neat experience.
        Tasha has really taken off with progressing. This week we taught the rest of the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! She said that it filled in all the gaps where she had had questions. We invited her to prepare to be baptized on the 11th of July. She accepted. So we went back a few days later and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She just soaked it all in. We really stressed the importance of doing what God wants us to. It was spectacular, her desire to be baptized increased even more. She is truly being moved by the spirit. She opened up to us and told us that when she found out Sister Smith was leaving she was going to ask us to stop coming because she was getting sick of her heart getting so attached to us just for us to leave. But she said that she was talking to her sister, Missy and she told her that she couldn't quit that she had to keep learning. She then said that she thought of me and thought "Ok I'll still work with them." She also told us that she would have NEVER talked to missionaries knocking on her door but for some reason she did and in that split moment decision, that was influenced by God, has changed her for the good. This opened the perfect place for us to explain that we are here to bring her the Gospel, so no matter the missionary the message stays the same. She finally completely understood our purpose. She closed us off with a prayer and said "Thank you Lord God for these Sisters you send to me. I ask you Lord to keep sending them to me, even if they are new ones so I can learn your word and be directed to what you want me to do."
       Ms. Renee, her diabetes has settled so we were able to visit her again! We started reading the Book of Mormon with her. We read the Introduction and 1 Ne. 1 and likened the scriptures to her. She loved it! She said it was kind of confusing because she is so familiar with the Bible that it's just odd to learn new stories. We asked her how must she thought she could read before we came back. She decided on 1 Ne. 1-4 so we are excited to see what she thinks :)
        We met with Renee and Joshua, different Renee. They are not very educated, I really do feel like I am in a different country sometimes. Anyways we started the Book of Mormon with them. Neither of them read well but they aren't embarrassed to read poorly in front of us which is great! So we read the first 2 chapters of 1 Ne. with them. They said they really don't understand it at all until we explain it, so they are so grateful we are there to help them. They also told us they LOVE the feeling they get when they read it and they believe its true. It's almost like working with children, they are so sincere and trusting. We assigned them to read chapter 3 before we came back and Joshua said he was going to read through chapter 6 because he loved the feelings so much! He doesn't work so he said he was going to spend all his time reading it. I know that the spirit can work through people easier when their hearts are softened and that is exactly whats happening.
        We were at Kroger picking up some boxes for Bethany so she can continue to pack. we came out to the car and were about to load the boxes when a lady from the car we were parked next to said "Hey Sister!" I looked at her and I could not put a finger on where I had seen her before. She told me her name was Miata and I about died! Miata was an investigator we had met in April. We had a couple of lessons with her and she was progressing fast! We set a baptismal date for her on May 9th and then she just fell off the face of the planet! We knocked on her door nearly twice a week for a month. We were so heart broken when she never responded to any of the notes we left on the door. So at Kroger she told us that she had moved and had gotten our notes but she had no phone or way to contact us. She said "I was so sad when I lost my Sisters!" So she immediately gave us her address and phone number and told us she wants to meet with us again! I testified to her that I knew that it wasn't chance that we had parked next to each other at Kroger and that we were able to meet again. God is trying to talk to us! Her response was "No he is trying to talk to me! I know that I need to talk to you guys again!" It is amazing the perfect timing God has. I parked in a stupid spot and I remember thinking why didn't I just park over there where I could have pulled through so Sister Lanning won't have to back me. But God obviously needed me to park in that spot and to come out of the store at that exact moment when she would still be sitting in her car and He gave her the courage to call to me and say hello and even when I didn't recognize her she wasn't offended or annoyed. God prepares people and he also has a way of making things happen when they need to.
       We biked! The Elders fixed up our bikes last P day, it was so nice of them! My bike was adjusted for a 5'2" person and the tires were pretty squishy because we only have a tiny hand tire pump and so I just couldn't get them pumped up good enough. But now I fit on the bike and the tries are hard. It was actually really enjoyable. HOT but felt good to bike. We biked to a Less Actives house and she made us Lunch. She made us Turkey neck and beans and cornbread. It was so good! She didn't tell us it was turkey neck until after we had ate it all gone haha I literally was like gnawing on the bone when she told me what it was. I just started to laugh and though well that's weird! It was so tasty though. I would suggest all to try it! Speaking of food we have members who are friends with some Arab people. They cook food for them and so we got to try some, it was so good! It was like a creamy chicken spicy cilantro soup and it literally tasted like heaven. I could eat it everyday!
      We spent some time at the Nursing home this week and man it was fun. There is this one man there named Jimmy. I swear all men are named either Jimmy or Willie down here and woman are Renee or Cathy! Anyways her makes these little yarn Bible covers and so he made me and Sister Lanning one. It is so cute, I think I will keep all my letters in it. He is a sweetheart!

 So that's my week, always getting better but always getting more tired! I look forward to a day without a schedule haha but until then it's work work work all day long! Love y'all to the moon and back. Have a super blessed week and don't forget to send me pictures!

Love Sister Kerr

Safety first!

Jimmy's Bible cover he made for me.

Tasha's crew

Zy'Mirakah and I 

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