Wednesday, July 1, 2015

29 June 2015 - Mississippi is a foreign country.

The people here blow my mind haha. So funny! So lets start off with congrats Addey baby girl for graduating! Im so proud of you :) Next we will move on to the funnies of this week. Hmmm lets see I am unsure where to start. We helped a lady pack because she is moving and we literally spent an hour picking up dog poop off of her floors while her kids packed the toys... AN HOUR!! And it was only two 12X12 rooms! It was so much poop! There was so much filth we were struggling to feel the spirit so we literally sang primary songs the whole time. We came home and I literally meditated to instrumental music while my Crocs soaked in a bucket of bleach water. By the way the Crocs are the best thing I have EVER invested in! Next, we were teaching the Plan of Salvation to a lady in the nursing home, she received everything super well and her only question was if ugly people would still be ugly after the Resurrection. Bwhahaha Oh my gosh I just answered with I really don't think that will matter, or will even be something that concerns us. We were teaching at one of our investigators apartments and I looked down at the floor and there were little white maggots crawling around on the tile floor. I squished some with my shoes because I didnt want them on me but I was so surprised to see them. On Thursday we were diving home from a movie night potluck, we watched Meet the Mormons (non of our investigators came :{ ) We advertised like crazy but anyways it was a good Branch activity. We were driving home and I told Sister Lanning there was something on my neck, like a bug. She looked and told me it was just a hair tickling me. So then I said no!, its on my back now! So she looks and doesnt see anything. Then we get home and once I am inside I feel it in my hair! I scream and pat my hair and out falls a big bug! It was so nasty! Then last but not least, Sister Lanning and I were cleaning the apartment this morning and I asked her if she would grab me the comet from underneath her sink. She then screamed bloody murder. I seriously thought someone was in our apartment! But it was a spider. Not just a spider though. I had never seen one so big in my life! It was sitting on top of the comet can!!! And took up the entire top. I was so afraid. I ran to get my rain boots to put on so it wouldnt get me and I tripped and fell and bruised my knee. Then I got my boots rubber gloves and the broom. We go back to the spider and it is still there so I get on the toilet seat in case it ends up on the ground and the toilet seat busts because its just a chintzy plastic one, not a ceramic one. (Mom Im gonna need some money in my account to fix that......) But long story short we killed the spider and have arranged for our apartment to be sprayed for creepy crawling stuff! I hope that these stories have made you smile. I am not kidding when I say Mississippi is a FOREIGN COUNTRY!
     Onto the bigger and brighter things, we taught Tasha the Word of Wisdom, and she committed herself to live it! We are so excited. She is so ready and has been prepared for us. She prayed for strength to quit smoking and we sang her I need thee every hour. It was such a beautiful night. She really is receiving the answer that it's all true. I love this work! That was the first time Sister Lanning and I have taught the Word of Wisdom (other than Destiny and Amber but they are 10 and 8 so we taught it completely different.) The spirit totally did the work for us.
      We taught Mr Joe at Mel's Ice Cream Emporium and we had him watch the Restoration movie. It went so well he has such an amazing desire to read the Book of Mormon. He just got to the part where Nephi starts talking like Isaiah and its really confusing him but he said he has been reading the chapters twice! He is so great and Such a seeker for truth.
      We went and saw Joyce who is an eternagator (an investigator that will be an investigator for eternity) She has been taught all the lessons 3 times. But we went and we challenged her to read the entire BOM to find whether or not it is true. We shared with her Moroni 10:3-5 and she said she had never been told that before but it makes sense that she would have to read the book to get the answer. We got to the car and I was so confused like no way are we the first missionaries in 3 years who have told her to read and pray about the BOM. Sister Lanning responded with "the spirit touched and softened her heart today. She is actually ready now!" Its so cool how God truly knows all of His children and what they need and when they need it.
     We instructed at Specialized Zone Conference on the Area Book and it went so well! Everyone told us we did awesome and changed the way they look at the Area Book. So that was pretty exciting.
     We have been biking a bit and it is HOT!!! Its a good way to sweat of this excess of weight Ive gained! Hardest part is staying hydrated but we make it :) We talked to Ms. Cathy who has been super sick! She is doing better but she after a long visit she told us she doesn't want to become a Mormon. My heart literally broke. I just sat there and starred at her. Then she said she still wants to study the Book of Mormon with us though, and I then felt a million times better because I have a strong enough testimony in the Book of Mormon that any one who reads it will have a desire to follow Jesus Christ! I love that book and look forward to reading and studying it with her still.
  God's hand is in all of this. I know that it's not me, no matter how hard I try. I tend to get in the way, I need to further HIS work not MINE.
Love y'all to the moon and back. Love Sister Kerr

Bruised knee after tripping to get away from the spider!

Us dressed to kill.

The battle zone and the broken toilet seat.

The SPIDER -_-

Tasha and I 

Back roads remind me of home! Back road of Mississippi.

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  1. Poor spider...I thought "Thou shalt not kill" :)