Saturday, July 18, 2015

13 July 2015 - It is a wild ride.

Oh man we had quite the experience with a member present....... We were at our usual FHE and they all decided to meet at the Percy Quin State park. So we went over there and one of our members brought a friend who wanted to learn more. It started with us teaching the Restoration and all was somewhat well until it came to the Book of Mormon. I asked if one of our members who was at the FHE would sit in and bear testimony of the Book of Mormon. We began explaining that the Book of Mormon was a record of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas, and he took off saying that in the Book of Mormon it promises us that if we keep the commandments we will live until we are 120 no more no less. Then he ended with a promise that if we fast and pray and read the Book of Mormon we will know that it is true. Then he says... I actually haven't read it yet. -_- Jaw dropped. I look at Sister Lanning and her expression was an open book. (What are you talking about!?) I didn't know what to say or do! Hey ya live and ya learn right? If that doesn't scare her away I don't know what would. Mental note that Sister Lanning and I have made is: arrive 30 minutes early to every member present and teach them the lesson first!! It has actually been working out quite nicely.
         Whoa, I met the first person on my mission who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ! It took me so off guard! Back in New York, common. Here I thought I miss understood him when he said he just believes that we make religion up as something to hope for. It made me realize how different this mission is than any other one. There are just different struggles here when everyone believes in Jesus Christ already. Our biggest struggle is that they feel the spirit at their church. We have several investigators who just are struggling to recognize an answer because their church isn't bad. We are really working to help people realize that there are levels, just like in the plan of salvation. There are good, better and best levels. They recieve everything we teach them and love saying that it has answered so many of their questions! But then they still feel good at their church. We try to help them realize like Moroni said, "But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God."
Which is so true! Their church brings them closer to God because it is god, it is of God. But all these questions we are answering are coming from our church. It is another source of light it leads to more truth or in other words takes you a step higher in learning.
            Sister Smith and I talked to a lady Ms. Dottie, about a month and a half ago and about the Book of Mormon. She said she would start reading it, then this week Sister Lanning and I were finally able to follow up with her and she has been reading! It is a miracle. She believes its true and she actually takes it with her in her purse everywhere she goes so she can have the feelings that come with it available whenever she needs them. That was so cool. We taught her the restoration and she has a desire to be baptized! (Into the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I double checked. Don't want to make that mistake twice!) We then taught her the plan of salvation later in the week. She just soaked it all up. It's amazing the difference between someone who is literally ready to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ and one who isn't. We are so excited to keep working with her,
        This has been the longest fastest hardest week of my life. Literally have never been so tired. Missions are weird, but ya love anyways. Thanks for the prayers Y'all, I can feel them :)
I know that I am right where I am needed and that these people are ready. It is the best feeling ever to know that if you work with God you can't fail. I encourage everyone reading this to work on your prayers. As you do you will recognize that God plays a huge parts in our lives! Love this work!
Sister Kerr

Percy Quin State Park

A members text to us :)

Welcome to McComb!

Got my package!

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