Tuesday, July 28, 2015

20 July 2015 - We be staying in McComb!

Well hello folks, just a brief announcement my English is gone but I be staying in McComb!! I seriously have a hard time speaking like the average person. But its ok I some how seem to manage. We are both staying here in McComb, MS which is thrilling, that means i will serve in McComb for a third of my mission. Sister Lanning and I decided that hydration is key down here, but sadly its the key to the bathroom! I have literally never sweat so much in my life. Dad knows how hot it was this past week (love that I can say that! I thought of you everyday that you were in New Orleans and I just loved drawing strength from knowing we were so close!) Anyways Im not sure I have ever seen droplets of sweat on my calves but it happened. We meet some people witht he most random names! For example: Da'Money, RoDerrick, TyDerricka, LaTaranesha, Sherika, Toya. Whenever we meet someone we have to pull out our planner and ask how they spell it haha.
        We had a lesson with Ms. Renee this week and we get there and we start off by asking how her class went, she taught a class on the disease she has to people who have just been diagnosed with the same disease. She said it went really well. She said she took her Bible, her Book of Mormon and her Restoration and Plan of Salvation pamphlets with her. She said that she was able to teach them all about that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that he isn't cursing any of them with their disease. She then taught them about the Plan of Salvation and how this life on earth is a time for us to prepare, learn and grow. She explained to a crying teenager in the back of the room who was afraid of the newly found disease that this isn't the end, we experience hard things to make us better but when the time is right we will all be resurrected as promised in the Book of Mormon and Bible. She said she was able to hush the girls fears by telling her that a relationship with God will make all the difference. As I heard her re tell this experience that she had at the hospital tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought of the statement made in Preach my Gospel, those who truly being changed by the gospel have a desire to share it with those around them. She is being a bolder missionary than most members. I am amazed at the testimony this woman has and her willingness to share it. When I asked her why she shared it with them she said "Y'all have been spending your time sharing this new information with me, so I thought i would do the same thing. It wouldn't be right if I just kept it to myself!" I think that every member of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should see Ms. Renee as an example to follow. We have something so precious, so life changing and so motivating. It's not right it we just keep it for ourselves. I was reading in "Our Search for Happiness" by M. Russell Ballard, killer book by the way, and he was talking about how it's and LDS persons perspective that keeps us motivated. It is knowing that this isn't it, there is so much more to it than just this, work, school, play. And once this is realized the big things in this life start to look smaller and we realize what really matters like our families. My mission president made a statement this week at zone conference, he said "We have to sacrifice what we want NOW for what we want MOST." Very profound, it's that eternal perspective!
         Yesterday was so good! Sometimes, well almost always proselyting Mondays arent very fun because your head keeps telling you its your day to relax but then your working. So it kinda plays with your head but yesterday we made a trip to Kentwood, LA and met a less active, named Kelsey. she reminds me of Morgan Sobotka, or in other words she is adorable ;) She is 20 and she has such a strong testimony. She is planning to come to our Branch pioneer day! We also met Quentera, she is a girl that received a Book of Mormon from a member when she was working in North Dakota. We were able to see her and she said she is very interested in learning more. We are really excited about them both. Only down side is its 30 miles to Kentwood one way. So we are saving on miles so we can go back soon!
         Well I've gotta go, God is great y'all and He is here in the south! I love htis gospel and I love my mission.          

Sister Kerr

Right to left Ms. Dottie Sister Lanning, Courtney, Me and Bri

Thanks for my shirt sissys!

Lil' BOM Boys Shack (parked by it and loved it :)

Rootbeer Floats with Kaitlyn


Beat by the heat!

Jimmy the man at the nursing home who made our bible holders.

The Zone

My Mississippi

My precious. haha Aiden holding up his ring! I died when I found this picture.

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