Sunday, September 13, 2015

07 September 2015 - #JesuslovesCENLA

So Im now serving in Alexandria, Louisiana which is Central Louisiana. We are over two wards in the same building :) Both about the same size as Pulaski. So I got to take the sacrament twice yesterday :) We have been doing lots of Less active hunting and it really is way fun. Sister Widdison is my new companion, funny thing is, she was trained by sister Smith too! So we are mission sisters. We have members in the Alexandria ward who play volleyball every Monday so Im so stoked! Also there is a school for troubled girls that one of the members owns and runs and they have the sisters come and teach volleyball :) yall betta believe im on cloud nine! Sister Widdison knows nothing about sports really haha so she told me its very inspired that im here or the girls would be hopeless.
 So we live with members, the Greens. Pops and Ms. Robin. They are pretty great :) We live up stairs and we have a room, bathroom, and a living room. Its really nice and plus they spoil us rotten. They feed us if we dont have a meal scheduled. We dont even buy groceries hardly... we just use whatever they have. So sweet.
     Well since im new here I dont have a whole ton of new news! But I bore my testimony in church so I thought I would share it with yall. I am so grateful that Joseph Smith was willing to ask a question, and that God was so willing to answer. I am grateful for Joseph's firm belief that he knew what he saw and because he knew it, he knew God knew it. I am grateful for all the sacrifices that the early church members made because they believed! Cant say my faith would have pushed me as far as it did them! But I know that my faith pushes me through my experiences and I am so grateful for my family and their love for me. They have helped my faith grow so much, but mostly this mission has MADE my faith grow. I love the changes that are happening in me! I know its because of Jesus Christ that I am becoming. Ive seen it change oodles of people here too.  Sorry this is so choppy I literally have NO desire to sit in front of a computer for an hour... attention span shot... I dont know how I use to do it.

Love yall Sister Kerr

Last picture with Bri 

Cheap gas! 

Selfie with the cheap gas :)

A girl in my ward made this for me already! She is so sweet. Its so cute!

Last picture with Renee and Billy

Last picture with the Dunaways!

Sister Lanning and her new missionary, Sister Kohler and I.

The Frostop?!

Spaghetti served Louisiana size!

Sister Lanning and I

Sister Widdison and I

ohhh... there are Lizards here too. Sister Widdison said I must have brought it with me because she hadnt ever seen one in the house!

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