Sunday, September 13, 2015

01 September 2015 - I'll go where you want me to go.

Well folks my time in McComb is now running on empty! I love this place but I'm excited for a new adventure. Sister Lanning is training and I am so excited for her to take off and blossom even more. She is a way powerful missionary! McComb will be left in some very capable hands. I asked president about Mr. Joe's and Ms. Renee's baptisms, he said that I could skype in for them since I had found them and taught all the lessons. That made my broken heart sing! Y'all should have seen Mr. Joe when I told him I might be leaving. He just said "Wait, before my baptism!?" So skype is such a blessing. Anyways, the president had a surprise for me too... I am becoming a Sister Training Leader. Whoa ok I'll do my best. Little overwhelming but I am excited for a new challenge.
     As for funnies... we were helping our investigator organize her boys bedrooms, the same woman we helped with her kitchen a couple weeks ago. We were chugging right along, I was piling clothes, Sister Lanning sweeping and Stephanie was cleaning out the closet. All of a sudden a mouse runs across the room and Sister Lanning and I jump. Held our screams back because we didnt want to sound like babies! Then we went back to work and Steph found a mouse nest with four babies.... she killed them with a book. At this point Sister Lanning are praising her because we would have never been able to do that. So we all go back to work and then we find the mama mouse that had taken off earlier, Stephanie killed it with a slipper... at this point Sister Lanning could only say "Only in Mississippi are the woman tough enough to take on the job of rat killing!" But then it happened, one more mouse ran out while I was down on the ground holding the dust pan. It ran over Sister Lanning's feet and right at me. We lost it, our calm and collected selves that acted like it was no biggie started to scream. We were so afraid and shook up and there Stephanie is, sitting on the floor laughing at us and says 'It's just a mouse." Good times. Another crazy story is we were talking to this 60 year old man on his door step and he tried to feed me a grape, not just offer me a grape but literally held it to my mouth! I had to duck and tell him I wasn't very hungry... Mississippi is crazy. Then we were having a lesson with some investigators and during the entire lesson their friend (without any teeth i might add) was asking me for my phone number. I just ignored him to the end and then told him I couldn't give it out. He then asked if he could give me his number so I could call him so we could chat. I also declined that offer too. Then he looks up one last time to ask if he can take me to dinner. I told him that that wasn't going to work out because I'm a missionary. Sister Lanning is never a help she just watches and laughs... Once again the people are crazy! Gotta love them though.
      Sister Smith was my Sister Training Leader for this transfer that just ended and so we got to go on exchanges together. It was so fun and things felt so normal but weird because everything was different (house, car, town) but everything was the same. We had a ton of fun :)
      We were tracting last week and talked to a lady who said we could come back. We went back and it happened to be the grandma to all of those kids I named several weeks ago! LaTarenesha, Sherieka, Mikayla, Jerimiah, Maleah, and Lester Collins Jr. God works in mysterious ways. Their grandma said she met with missionaries then moved and lost contact, but she had even gone to church with them. They are wonderful and so sweet. Lester Collins Jr. is like 5, when I asked what I should call him he told me his whole name. It was way funny. So Lester Collins Jr. it is.
      We had a really good lesson with Mr. Joe and he told us that had missionaries knocked on his door any other time he would have turned them away but something told him not to. He reminds me of Howard. He is truly prepared. He stayed for the Linger Longer after church and made a veggie casserole and a 3 layer pie. He really enjoyed himself and I finally got a picture with him with a real smile.
        Life is so good. I have grown so much here in McComb. I can feel myself becoming the person God has intended me to be. Missions are amazing, for the people you bless and for yourself. It's really because of those people you bless that you change, they are the bigger blessing! Here I go into the unknown. Ill let yall know where im at next week.

Love yall to the moon and back. Sister Kerr

Chopped Ham sandwich.... What is chopped ham?

Mr. Joe smiling

District Selfie!

Stephanie and Ralph's boys and I 

really cool bugg...

Favorite scripture Alma 29:9

I'm officially a Louisiana Sister!

Ellie the pig.

Sister Heath and I. My heart is broke, I love her so much. She has been my mama away from home. She left for Utah this morning. 

Jesus Chocolate 

Had to buy the shirt.

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