Wednesday, September 9, 2015

24 August 2015 - Amos and Aliens

Oh man some cool stuff happened this week! I have discovered my new favorite food.... Boiled peanuts... hahaha i sound like an old lady but they are divine! Yall should try them they turn into the texture of a bean and are way good. We finally found the lizards that scurried in and we werent able to catch them all. We found one and on our way taking it outside I stepped on the other one! Gross, but it didnt die. If it had i probably might have thrown up. It sounds like the family has been up to adventures like I have! We went tracting in the rain because it was way cooler! Crocs...... words cant describe how grateful i am. We were able to get 4 new investigators this week though, Mel, Nicole, Billy and Vernetta. People can be so sweet or they can be so rude! We had several people open their door to us and tell us they dont have time to "mess" with us. Ouch. Alrighty, well you have a blessed day too!
          Rudeness couldnt slow us down this week because Mr. Joe has gone 6 days with out smoking!!! Yes ma'am... 6 whole days. He is the greatest and the biggest ray of sunshine. He is so shy and quiet but he came to all of church and in gospel principles we were talking about talents. We asked him what one of his talents was and he said being quiet hahah we laughed and then told him how great he is! He has told us that he is a great cook and said he might bring something to share to the linger longer next week!
        We were able to meet with Mr. Billy, Ms. Renee's husband. He is a stubborn man but I think that's why we love him so much. I know that the Book of Mormon will soften his heart but he just keeps telling us he isn't a good reader. So I told him we would be back to read it aloud to him because it is that important. He said he would listen! He is such a great person.
        While we were tracting we came upon a lady who answered the door and said "Oh no, I know about yall, I was just reading about yall on the internet. Yall believe Jesus is an alien that we sent to earth!" I told her "No that isn't what we believe but we have this really awesome pamphlet that talks about what we believe." So she took one and as she was scanning through it she told us is a religious christian. We told her that was great and then she stopped on a page in the pamphlet as she was thumbing through and said pointing at page that had a quoted scripture from Amos, "Amos? Where did this scripture come from?" Then she ranted about how she has never even heard about Amos. So then I asked if she was familiar with the Old Testament she said kind of was. I then explained that Amos is in the Old Testament.... She kind of just stood there, then she said give me a week to read this and yall can come back. It was so funny!!
         Its been a really good transfer, I cant believe its done! Dont expect to hear from me next Monday, its proselyting Monday. I love McComb, Mississippi! I never want to leave... except for maybe when my mission is done :) I that when we put our truast in God things go significantly better! So challenge for yall...(Easier said than done)... Put your trust in your God.
Dont forget to read the Book of Mormon either, it knows exactly what to say! It publishes glad tidings of great joy!
Love Sister Kerr

The South has the best inspirational signs!

Sister Boyd and I. She loves for us to sing to her, and she sings with us!

Sometimes I feel like this lizard. 

We love teaching about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!

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