Tuesday, September 15, 2015

14 September 2015 - [insert name], lovest thou me?

So this week we had A LOT going on. After Mission Leadership Conference, Zone Training Meeting, planning, exchanges, fire ant bites leading to a very swollen ankle there wasnt a whole time of missionary proselyting put into the week. I've thought about it a lot and at first I tried to justify it all. But this morning I studied John 21. I use to get so frustrated with Peter and the other Apostles when they went fishing after Christ had died. They knew Him. They worked with Him. They performed miracles with Him. They had become one with Him and had truly come to discover the role He plays in their and everyone else's lives... And yet the first thing they do is fish. Just fish. They go back to their old work and are completely unsuccessful. Then I started to think about me, and my calling and how I was justifying my time spent anywhere other than proselyting and I realized I am doing the same thing. I know Christ. I work with Him. I have performed miracles with Him. And I have become one with Him as well as I now recognize the role He plays in everyone's lives. But yet here I was pulling the card of I'm too tired or I don't know the area. I was doing the same thing I was taking a break. Even after I have come to know the sacredness of my calling. So I was thinking about how the Savior reacted to His apostles taking a break. All He did was asked if he loved Him. So I did just that. I imagined the Savior asking me if I loved Him. And that is exactly what changed my heart, knowing that all that Christ asks is for us to feed His sheep. And that is what I do as a missionary, I feed His sheep :) So I just want to ask y'all, do you love Him? I mean do you really love Him? Because that is what makes all the difference... When we change on the inside!

Anyways some highlights from this week on Wednesday I stepped in a fire ant hill and got 10 bites on one ankle and 4 on the other. My body did NOT react well though my foot swelled right up and I sat through the mission leadership conference with it! Then the 3 hour drive home from Baton Rouge was killer because of it! I got home and iced it and took some Benadryl. Then the next morning it was still swollen and itchy so I ended up icing it ALL day with no luck of the swelling going down at all. We had dinner with a sort of less active couple and then gave me ice and sent me home with some special anti itch cram that worked so good. Then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader for the Pineville ward (oh yea we are over two areas... It's crazy hard to keep track of) he reminds me of Sky a lot. But his wife insisted on spraying my foot with a anti itch spray, everyone was way concerned because it was so swollen. When I got home Pop and mama Robin were pretty concerned too so Pop got me a bucket and I soaked it in some Epsom salts. The next morning we were instructing at ZTM luckily the swelling had gone done but Pop surprised me with some anti itch spray during the break in ZTM. The members here spoil me rotten. Little bit different than McComb!
I went on my first exchange as an STL and it went awesome, I went with Sister Toner. She is from Southern Cali and has only been a member for 3 years. She has been out for 8 weeks and we were able to study the story line of the Book of Mormon. I can't even imagine signing up for and coming on a mission when the only thing I knew about the Book of Mormon was that it was true. She is really amazing! Anyways love you and all the things im learning! Have a blessed week!
Sister Kerr

Sister Widdison and I 

Our Mission Family! Pop and Ma Robin

Costume Party! 

Our members spoil us so much! We love them!

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