Tuesday, November 3, 2015

26 October 2015 - Everything is flowing like melted butter.

We had a really good week! On p-day I found out that I have some relatives here on the mission haha I am 4th cousins with Elder Armstrong and 4th cousins twice removed with Elder Mayer and 10th cousins with Elder Jones. Oh my heavens its the funniest thing ever. But pretty dang awesome too. So some updates about my people back in McComb is that Brother Joe blessed the sacrament, which makes my heart literally the happiest I have ever been in my life. It was seriously a moment of pure bliss when I found out. I love the priesthood so much! Ms. Renee got into some anti Mormon stuff about African Americans and so then she told the sisters that she is done meeting with them :( I was so distraught when I found out I just didn't know what to do. I prayed and prayed but in the middle of my personal study the spirit told me to write her a letter. So I thought "ok I'll do that later." But the longer I waited the stronger the urge got. So I wrote her a letter. I got a call from the McComb sisters and they said that Ms. Renee called them and told them that she got a letter from me and is ready to start meeting with the sisters again!!! It is so amazing to be a tool in God's hands. I love these people. 
I got sick this week... ya know my usual that has become my not so usual. I forgot to dab my bacon and sausage so when we were in the downtown of ghetto-ville I needed a bathroom ASAP. So we went to Save A Lot and they didn't have a bathroom... so we went to Family Dollar and they didn't have a bathroom. So we went to the WORLDS NASTIEST gas station where I then walked in on a man in the bathroom. Thank goodness he was washing his hands but it was a very humbling experience to say the least. But I'm doing mo better now.
We met a lady this week who can crack nuts with her teeth... haha oh man it made me cringe but she is super awesome and actually became a new investigator! 
We had an incredible time with with our new investigator Drew, she is married to a returned missionary named Tyler who was a recent convert when he left on his mission. They recently got married and now she is ready for the lessons from us! She is so cute and looks just like Kate Hudson! We taught the restoration at the Bishop's house and it went beautifully! The spirit brought everyone to tears and helped us all to re kindle our testimony of the restoration! It was so magical. 
There is so much water here! It's been so rainy, yesterday we actually couldn't go anywhere after church because we aren't allowed to drive through standing water. It was so stormy and nearly every road was flooded. So we napped and played games and enjoyed our hurrication. It was so weird because it felt like a NORMAL Sunday :) 
Well I hope y'all are doing good. Hope to hear from y'all soon. Have an awesomely wonderful week.
Love Sister Kerr

Kerr Street in Opelousas, Louisiana

Waste Grease Disposal... No wonder my intestines want to die at the age of 20. #southernsisterprobs

My pumpkin, its an owl.

We wake up to inspirational messages from Pop nearly every morning.

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