Tuesday, November 17, 2015

16 November 2015 - "The South isn't a place, its a state of mind."

We got to go to the Baton Rouge Temple on Saturday! It was so fantastic! There is no better place to go. It is literally heaven on earth. It filled my mind with peace and settled all my stress. Stress which came after we packed a recent converts glass china from her grandma..... Oh man pray it doesn't break! It was really scary. I have decided after packing 4 china closets... that china just isnt my thing especially when its someone else's most prized and protected items. haha I love being a missionary yall it really is so fun. We have been doing more service lately which is just so incredible. The more time we send with southern people the more I realize how the South really is a state of mind. We met with a lady name Darlene a couple weeks ago and she taught Sister Widdison how to knit. I already knew how but it was a good refresher. Anyways she has been dying for us to come and participate in the knitting club that she is in. So we went it was on Louisiana College campus and it was really fun! Quite hilarious! Probably 10 woman ages 40 and older were there. We knitted and ate. The Elders called in the middle of it and I answered. It went like this Me:"Hey its Sister Kerr" 
E.Floyd:"Hey its Elder Floyd, When are we doing coordination?... What is that in the background?.... Where are yall?"
Me:"We are at a knitting convention"
E.Floyd:"Did I just hear a bunch of cackling old woman?"
Me:"Yes you did."
E.Floyd:"Ummm... yall can just call us back later."

Sister Lanning and I started up this really fun game of charades as a way to teach all the commandments. We talk about them all then you grab one from the bag and act it out. We played it with Drew this week and with a little girl named Annaston who both have dates to be baptized! Yay! People love games down here! It is always a hoot. It makes me realize how important it is that we keep the commandments. The more I learn about them the more I realize they have a purpose they aren't just placed there for no reason. Speaking of which I want to make a shout out to the one and only Shan Heath, a member from the McComb branch who moved to Utah the day I left McComb. She has been smoke free for 3 months! She emailed me this morning to testify that she truly feels better! I love this gospel and I love when people recognize all that it entitles too! God promises blessings with every commandment. Study the commandments yall know them like the back of your hand because we have all covenanted with God that we would keep them! I love yall so much and I hope yall have a great week. 
Love Sister Kerr

Knitting Fiasco!

Mission Leadership Council Picture!

We went in search of a less active. Pop took us in his jeep because he said her driveway is pretty muddy. Pretty muddy.... doesnt even start to cover what it was. It was insane. Lets just say God blessed me but Pop and Sister Widdison ended up COVERED in manure scented mud.

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