Saturday, December 19, 2015

01 December 2015 - Remembering the reason for the season.

Holy cow yall I feel like its been a bit since Ive actually sent out an action packed email haha. I will do my best to fill you in on everything Ive been skipping! I promise life in Louisiana has not died down at all though. Life has been busy and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer. But I will fill yall  in on a couple funnies! So a couple weeks ago I got pulled over! I know scariest thing of my life. So I was driving through Pineville, LA and I was going 33 in what I thought was a 35 but it was a 15 during school hours. Yall know how stinking dramatic I am. Anyways he pulls me over, he is on a motorcycle so picture the cop from Dumb and Dumber, he asks for my license so I handed it to him. He then "says youre from New Work" (just like Pepper says it). I replied "yes sir!" He asked if I was renting the car I was driving. I told him "No sir, its a mission owned vehicle... you see Im a missionary." Im sure yall can just hear my quivering voice. He asked if I knew that speeding tickets were over $500 in school zones. Once again my reply was "No sir." By now Im just picturing my two parents sitting down in their cozy recliners opening up a letter addressed to me and reading that I had a ginormous fine to pay. That is when my stomach flipped the most because I thought aww man they gon kill me! But then he just turned to me handed me back my license and told me to be careful. Dang biggest humbling tender mercy ever.
We had a big Sisters Specialized Training Meeting in Baton Rouge and it was so fun! All the sisters in the mission met in Baton Rouge, LA. I got to see Sister Smith and Sister Lanning. We learned all about the important role of a woman and how it just gets magnified as a sister missionary. After the conference we went on exchanges. We had car pooled up with the Natchitoches sisters... {Im laughing at the idea of how yall just pronounced that.} I was with a trio just for the exchange so their were 5 of us. It was so stormy out! I was getting anxiety at the idea of riding home with 4 other girls laughing and someone else driving. So one of the sisters asked if I wanted to split the 2 1/2 hour drive but I just told her I would drive the whole way! It was dark and super rainy with lightening. We made it home fine and Pop had a big pot of crawfish creole stuff on the stove. But one of the sisters that I was exchanged with is now my new companion, Sister Langford. Crazy fun fact, her sister served in the Utica mission and Kensey met her at school a while ago and they figured out that we, their sisters, were serving in the same mission and now we are companions.
Thanksgiving was really fun! Sister Langford and I got some sort of stomach bug but we still made our appointments! We had dinner with the Vaifanua's, they are a Polynesian family in the ward and I love them to pieces. They are the ones we play volleyball with. We ate a ton and played volleyball! It was exhausting because I was sick but so worth it! It was a fabulous Thanksgiving!
Drew's baptism is coming up! Its December the 5th at 3pm. She is so phenomenal! One of her friends started pounding her with harsh words about the church's announcement about LGBT's, Drew responded by saying "That's not what the prophet said!" She pulled out her smart  phone, pulled up the announcement and explained the whole thing to her friend. She is so incredible and she is so ready! Tyler, her husband will be baptizing her :)
We went to visit a less active woman at a mental hospital. It literally looked like a scary movie. It was all run down and brick with vines grown all over it. We got inside and met with Celeste a 70 year old lady. She began talking to us and just telling us about herself. She has been through a ton in her life! The poor thing hears voices in her head. I cant even imagine how horrifying that would be. We talked with her and the more we did I just felt overwhelmed with love for this stranger I had just met. I could see her potential and I could see her disability. I was truly able to see and promise her that this was just a test, that God has something brilliantly beautiful prepared for her when she endures through this. It really made me realize the reason behind experiences. Then this moved my thoughts towards the true reason for things. Anything we go through has reason, to prepare us, to stretch us, to help others, to bring peace, to teach us.. etc. And thinking on that note about the reason for this season we are in. There is so much reason behind all of it including everything that was just listed. A Savior was born! He was born to save us! That has incredible reason behind it so don't just brush that off! I am so grateful for the love and reason that lies ahead of us this month. I wish for all of yall to put reason behind everything you do this month. I love yall so much. Have a blessed week! Sister Kerr

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