Saturday, December 19, 2015

7 December 2015 - The baptismal font was overflowing...literally!

My new companion is Sister Langford, she is from Alpine, Utah and has been out for 6 months. She came out with Sister Lanning. We are having lots of fun. We get along great and her family sent some count down to Christmas for us both so I feel ridiculously spoiled! She is super sweet and willing to help me grow. Its always nice when your companion wants to help you become better!
Monday: Pday! We played volleyball and dodge ball. Then in the evening had a really great lesson with Bishop and Annston and her family :)
Tuesday: District Meeting and service at the Genealogical library. I almost fell asleep at the library it is just so quiet and so many books!
Wednesday: We drove to Baton Rouge its a 3 hour drive. We went down for MLC. I'm getting kinda tired of that drive. Ive made it like once a week for 3 weeks! It was a good meeting, very spiritual and we came away with some things to teach our zone. After we got home it was about 7pm so we planned with the Zone leaders our ZTM instructions for Friday.
Thursday: Filled with planning! We got everything sorted for ZTM. We saw Belinda, she is just the sweetest thing. We talked with her about the prophesies of Christmas found in Helaman. So good! Anyways we had a really good discussion with her and on the way out she flicked on the outdoor light so we could see better... so nice of her, funny thing is it was 4:00 in the afternoon.... AKA still very sunny out :) haha it made Sister Langford and I giggle a bit. She also always yells to us to be sure to wear our seat belts.. Then we saw Lauren! She is having really bad morning sickness! And her husband works on an oil rig. So we are trying to help her as much as possible. We got invited to this Christmas party at the town library and we were so confused because we had no idea what would be going on there. But we showed up and they were doing crafts for free! So we got all excited and jumped right in. We sat across from some Christians and talked to them all about the Book of Mormon and left them with one. It was a great night!
Friday: We had our Zone Training Meeting and it went great! Then after we went on exchanges. I brought Sister Widdison back with me and Sister Langford went with the other sisters. Sister Widdison is in a trio and is actually kinda having a hard time. After lots of prayer Sister Langford and I got the feeling that this was the best idea, and it really was! Sister Widdison was able to seek advice and have a little breather. We were busy with getting ready for Drew's baptism and we also had service at the Alexandria Zoo! It was really fun we cut out ornaments and helped the kiddos setup little habitats made out of legos for the plastic animals. Then out of no where Pop and Ms. Robin walked in with their grand kids and just like we were a family again! It was really cool and special! Sister Widdison's reunion with Pop and Ms. Robin actually made me cry! It was a great day though.
Saturday: We woke up so excited for the baptism! A member called frantic he needed help. His friend was moving and he offered help but needed more so we rolled out still in our sweats haha threw on the nametag and headed. I wore my fleece jacket and man it was covered in cat hair by the end. I ended up mashing my finger between the wall and a dresser but other than that nothing too crazy happened. We cleaned up and got ready and headed tot he church. The Bishop had put the Elders over the font and apparently it started over flowing... haha the Elders still claim that everyone was being dramatic and that it didn't even reach the highest step but others say it was spilling over! Anyways everything looked so beautiful and Sister Widdison got to be there and Sister Langford because we exchanged back right at the beginning of the baptism! Sister Langford played the piano and it sounded amazing. Sister Widdison Spoke and I prayed. It just went so good, the Vaifanua's sang "Teach me to walk in the light" It was so pretty ad perfect. But when Drew got in the water with her husband the Holy Ghost filled the font. Sister Langford Sister Widdison and I stood hugging each other at the top of the steps to the font holding her towel. She smiled at us then at Tyler and then was submerged. It was so beautiful and gracious and you could just fell the realness of it. I know that baptism is essential! I am so happy to have been able to be a part of her experience! We made a baptism book for her just like we did for Bri and Dottie, so we got everyone to write their testimony on an index card and then put them in a photo book for her to have. It was a great day!
Sunday: Drew got confirmed! She cried all through it and after through the sacrament. She is so spiritual so she really was effected by her confirmation. It was so special to be able to sit next to her and have her just absorb everything. I had her write her testimony on an index card too! Then after church we had the baptism of Annaston! The 8 year old little girl. She is so sweet and was so ready, her service went beautifully. We gave her a childrens Book of Mormon and she was way excited! It was such a busy exhausting week! I hope I didn't skip anything. Love yall, Sister Kerr

Christmas presents under the tree!

Drew's baptism!

Last time seeing Sister Smith before she goes home!

I won the ugly sweater contest!!

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