Monday, December 28, 2015

28 December 2015 - Happy New Year!

I thought I would share my testimony for the last post of the year! I look back to where I was a year ago and can just see how much I have changed. I really truly am grateful for the situations my God has put me in. Though not always easy or comfortable, I have been able to learn more about myself than I ever would have. He has so much in store for me and He especially has been revealing it to me this week! But anyways, I guess I will start at the beginning! I know that my Heavenly Father loves me! I know that He has some crazy drawn out perfect plan for me... I am just now figuring out that it isn't necessarily about what I want but it about what I need. Sometimes it’s really scary to me to let God be in control especially because I am such a people pleaser! There will be times when I feel prompted to do something or say something or think something but worry about how it will make others feel or how they will think. It is really really cool to be able to feel His love and guidance moving you forward even when you have no clue where you are moving to haha. I know that God provides us with families to love us and teach us, that is exactly what mine has done for me. I am so grateful for the time I had to Skype yall on Friday. I can’t even explain how nice that was. It was crazy because once we started talking it felt like it had only been a couple days since I had been with yall! I know that when Christ was born He was perfect and He was a beacon of hope. As He grew, He led the PERFECT example and became all that he was intended to. He established His gospel and created a way for everyone to access it. But just like earlier times people turned away from their God and Savior. In doing so, many of the things Christ taught were lost. I know without a shadow of a doubt that when the time was right God and Jesus Christ called a prophet to the earth once more. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he Restored the complete gospel of Jesus Christ through Jesus Christ Himself! It is just so comforting to see it all play out so perfectly. Because God loves us so much the Heavens are not sealed! The Heavens are open to each one of us to receive guidance and revelation from Him. I am so grateful for these past 9 months where I have been able to actually put these truths that I’ve known all my life to the test. I can fully say I KNOW all of this now and that makes me so excited. I love receiving answers to my prayers and learning to be more sensitive to the spirit to recognize answers. I’ve had some of the most spiritual experiences here on my mission and I will cherish them forever. It is simply amazing what God will teach one who asks. It is incredible to think that Joseph Smith was just a farm boy, Mary was just an espoused Jewish young lady, Thomas S. Monson was just a sailor and I am just a missionary in Louisiana but nothing is impossible. Prepare and become what God needs you to be, He needs us! I know Jesus will come again and we know not the hour or the minute. This is the Church of Jesus Christ of LATTER-DAY SAINTS. So share your testimonies, because we are blessed to have the fullness. I can't imagine only having bits and pieces! Sometimes I feel like a repair man down here in the south, taking the spackle and filling in the holes. I literally am amazed at how many miracles I have seen on my mission. Love yall and I hope you have a blessed year!

Love Sister Kerr

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