Monday, May 9, 2016

25 April 2016 Thank Goodness for Soap!

This was a great week! It was incredibly long but fast at the same time haha. We got a ton done.
1) I told Sari, a girl who left this week for her mission she could have my phone card that I bought in the MTC. But then I called and found out my card expired so we stopped at the nearest Albertsons and I grabbed her a new one. The girl who checked us out Shaquail, was so intrigued by our name tags... she just kept starring at them. I asked her what she thought about them and she told me that she had seen them before! She said she used to talk to some people like us. Haha it's almost like we are our own nationality. I asked if she would be interested in meeting with us and she said yes! So we met her at Burger King and taught her all about the Restoration! She loved it and was just beaming the whole time. I pointed out to her how happy she was and that made her smile more. She is 21 and about to start cosmetology school. We invited her to church and she wanted to come. We took down her address and sadly realized she doesn't live in our area... :( slightly died a little. This is the SECOND time in like a week that we have found stellar investigators and have handed them off to other sister missionaries.
2) My companion can and will fall asleep ANYWHERE! haha Lessons, planning, studying, meetings etc. It makes me laugh so hard. She is hilarious :) We get along great, she is a highlight.
3) We had a great lesson with Caden, our 10 year old investigator. He came to church last week and learned all about baptism and now he is so excited to get baptized!
4) We went to a Catholic Festival and got crawfish stew and good laws it was mo betta than anything I've ever had! It made me real happy :) We also were invited to a crawfish boil at a members house. She is active but all her kids are less active. The Elders texted us to tell us to go and this was the conversation Eld:"Hey the Maiers said for yall to come for crawfish there is tons!"
Me:"We are in service clothes and are covered in drywall dust..." Eld:"It's ok! You'll fit right in!" haha We got there and we really did fit right in! It was so funny. The yard was so muddy and it was dark outside. At one point I turned around and there were a bunch of crawfish that were crawling across the back porch.. they had somehow escaped the pot. haha It was so southern!
5) Do yall remember way back when I told yall about how people down here have full conversations with the word alright? Well we were on exchanges and we knocked on a ladies door and all we hear is "ALLLright!" aka "Come on in girls!" It was so funny we had a very interesting experience there with Tanya, she has a very unique outlook on God and Christ and I thought my companion was going to hide under the couch. I was just dying laughing on the inside. We got everything rallied back together enough to relate a scripture from the Book of Mormon to her and she was just so excited :)
6) We went biking on exchanges and we biked all around this apartment complex looking for a less active and we ended up meeting this lady who makes soap! It was quite random but so cool! She ended up giving us a free bar of soap! She was so funny and she was really happy to see us! That doesn't happen that often! It made for a great night!
7) Sister Banta quit smoking! It was so exciting! She decided she needed to. But when we followed up with her to see how she was doing she said she wasn't sure why she felt like no smoking is a man made commandment! But it was the perfect setup to commit her to read the Book of Mormon to find out if it is real or not. She was excited to find out that the way to find out was as simple as reading and praying with real intent. She also agreed to continue with her no smoking! So its been 5 days since she has smoked!!!! Yay for Barbara ;)
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life!!

Congrats to Kensey and Josh, I am so happy for yall and wish you the best! I love yall!
Love Sister Kerr

Ms. Tanya, the HILARIOUS investigator I met while on exchanges with Sister Jackson.

 I saw this painting and thought it was beautiful. It is how I feel!

 Ms. Judy, the lady that gave us free soap. She makes the soap in her living room!

 Sister Jackson and I biking on exchanges.

 Magnolia tree.

Alligator Bayou Road.

Crawfish boil!

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