Monday, May 9, 2016

09 May 2016 One Step at a Time

We taught Caden the 10 commandments and it was the funniest thing ever because we played charades with them after we taught them. Him, his parents and us got so into it! It was so fun, that is my favorite way to teach the commandments. He is doing awesome and so is his dad, Shane. We ran around a ton this week! We tracted quite a bit and we got wiped out from the heat, we came home for our dinner break and I passed out on my bed. When you find a chance to nap as a missionary you crash hard!  We had a really good lesson with a part member family. It was such a spiritual lesson, I felt so impressed to call them to repentance but I didn't know how well that would go... But I followed the prompting and they were so touched by the spirit. They really were impacted by the Book of Mormon and we committed them to read it. We had a super lesson with Kathie and her grandson. Sister Hyer taught the lesson while her grandson Jaeden and I put together a picnic table. She was so grateful for the physical and spiritual labor we put in. It was so special! She is one of the greatest people I've met on my mission! She is truly incredible! We made peanut butter cookies for a bunch of mama's around here and then delivered them! We took some to Ms. Klemm, who is a catholic lady but she loves to take care of us, Sister Banta, Sister Cox, Sister Hansen and Ms. Bernadine. They loved and appreciated it so much. I love being able to make people day special.
We got a new ward mission leader! He is fantastic, his name is Brother Smith and so far he has been super helpful. We plan to meet every Saturday morning. It will be a great boost for the ward and us missionaries :)
Funny story of the week!: I almost got knocked down by two ginormous yellow labs who nearly pulled their owner over. They loved me and were so excited to see me! By the end of our little awkward fiasco (since we were just walking past each other on the side walk) I found large gobs of droll dripping down my calf. Yep I gagged... hard!

I don't have much else to tell because I talked to yall last night! That was the best, it didn't even feel like we had been apart that long! I felt so loved. I have the best family in the entire world. I love you all! One last time, Happy Mothers Day to you mama and to any other mama's reading this :) Yall do more for us babies than you will ever know! Love you, Sister Kerr

 Read Mo' books! HaHa I love southern libraries!

 Look at the back window of the white car. That's a lot of kids!

 The Alexandria sisters were in town for MLC, so we met up for dinner.

 Putting together a picnic table with Jaeden.

Kathie and her grandson.

Ahh. The finished project.

Louisiana in the sidewalk. We found it while tracting.

 Peanut butter cookies for Mother's Day.

Sister Burnett at church.

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