Sunday, May 29, 2016

17 May 2016 Free Lemonade and Gospel

Such a great week! We visited lots of people and shared lots of testimonies! Sister Hyer is learning and growing a ton and I am too! I'm struggling to remember all that went on this past week. All I know is that I am exhausted and have fallen asleep faster than ever lately! We had a fabulous visit last night with the Richard family! They have opened up so much and we just love them with all our hearts. Caden's baptism is still on for May 28th and he is beyond excited. He asked me to speak at it :) I love baptisms! His dad Shane is doing great too, even if he isn't too interested in making the changes in his life he is INCREDIBLY supportive of his wife and son. He really is also noticing the impact of having us missionaries in his home is having on his family. I do see a bright future for this family :) I just got a call from Leesa, the mom, and she was letting us know that Caden woke up at 3:30am puking and that we may have been exposed to the horrendous virus that Shane had last week. Hahahaha I laughed so hard! She couldn't believe I was laughing. I just said "We don't care, we love yall anyways!" She said that Caden's first thought while puking in the night was "Oh no, what if I got the Sisters sick!?"

Our wonderful Relief Society president had the idea to take us Sisters and Sister Banta out to lunch for Sister Banta's birthday. It went so great! It was the first time we had been able to really see Sister Banta since she told us she was no longer interested 2 weeks ago. She loved the attention and company! We shared a scripture about being able to know that we can rely on Christ! The discussion became so spiritual that everyone was touched. I just had the biggest feeling of my bones on fire as we all spoke and it made me realize that maybe this whole discussion was for me! It's funny how God will do that sometimes, turn it to effect what feels like just you! But I needed that reminder that Jesus Christ is here to help me! Once the conversation died down Sister Banta looked at me and said "We are on the same page again!"  I was thrilled to hear that, we have another appointment set up with her for tomorrow.

We had interviews with President this week and it was a super positive experience! We had a great visit with them. They are so sweet. I had my interview with president first and then my interview with Sister Hansen second. President said "Let get the interview no one wants to do done so you can get to the one that you look forward to!" haha I laughed so hard.

We had a great study with Bernadine this week and she fed us lunch. We had scrambled eggs and lots of 'em! Her husband has a friend who works at a chicken farm and he gave him all the eggs that wouldn't pass inspection. Most of them were just oddly shaped. As I started cracking them I found 6 out of the 8 eggs we used had double yolks! It was way cool. We just giggled after every egg. She is literally the sweetest thing in the south.

We had a lemonade stand this week! We did it at Kathie and Bill's house! We gave out FREE lemonade and pamphlets. It was so fun, we had nearly every person want to give us a donation so we just asked for people to be willing to meet with us instead of paying us! We got 4 people to sign up! So far only one will meet with us but hey, that is success right there! Also we had a less active family stop for lemonade and they asked if they could help with the stand! Of course! The more the merrier. This led to us setting up an appointment with this family! I've been trying to see them for 3 months now! So lemonade stand was definitely a huge success. We ran out of lemonade just as 3 sheriff's  pulled up wanting some free lemonade! We gave them pamphlets haha they weren't too interested though. But they let Jacoby, Kathie's 4 year old grandson get in the cop car to get his picture taken! It was really cool. Then Kathie and Bill took us to a Japanese buffet for dinner! We stuffed ourselves. Then I called to confirm our evening appointment with a less active elderly couple we've been dying to see and she was so excited to tell us she was surprising us with dinner! Oh boy... to say we were stuffed is an understatement. It was like twice as bad as thanksgiving! All in all is was a great and satisfying week. Apparently over half my family is in Texas now! Well that's cool :)

Love Sister Kerr

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