Sunday, August 14, 2016

18 July 2016 Exceedingly Great Faith Requires Exceedingly Great Trials

This week was one thing after another! My poor companion has been suffering with awful migraines. She only gets them when it storms and dang this week that was every single day! I felt terrible for her. I ended up getting attacked by some unknown bug and ended up with 25 welt like bug bits! They are terribly itchy and BURN! they feel so similar to fire ant bites but I know they aren't because you know when fire ants bite ya, these little guys snuck up on me! I think they are chigger bites is what we have decided. We are hoping we don't have bed bugs. I cleaned everything possible this morning.... Oh my heavens pray for us. I thought the bites came from walking outside through something but now Sister Nelson is having them pop up all over her now too! I have found that my body is neutral to Benadryl... I have been taking 3 at a time and still nothing. So I have been grinning and bearing it.

But we did get some good stuff done! We have a new investigator named Brenna, her grandma is a member and she really wants to be baptized! We are so excited to have her, she is 15 and the sweetest thing on the planet! We also had a splendid lesson with Ken and Lewis. They were telling us how there is just something that they have been missing and that they love the plan of salvation. They just kept saying that they never thought that Adam's fall was for us all to have joy! The simple truths are what bear the strongest testimonies! We also saw Regina again! She is so wonderful and has such great character! She is so Louisiana and admits that loud and proud! She has a desire to be truly acceptable to the Lord at any moment in her life. I could definitely relate! I feel like the closer you get to the Lord the more your central desire is to please HIM and only HIM! I love seeing the pure intentions of people. I feel like I have been praying for that for over a year but in the past few months my eyes have truly been opened to how sincere people are. It is almost like I can see more clearly how pure and direct someones desires are! But its not in a judgmental way at all I feel as though this is God helping me judge less and see myself among these people. I can solely relate to Regina when she says she wants to feel comfortable, prepared and confident before God. What a beautiful desire! It made me realize that on the outside Regina and I couldn't be anymore opposite but on the inside our deepest desire is identical. I think that is because we are both children of God and filled with the light of Christ which is driving us home! I love this Gospel so much. It has molded me into a greater person and it has prepared me for brilliant opportunities!

We are safe and all is well even though sad things are happening!

Love you! Love Sister Kerr

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