Sunday, August 14, 2016

1 AUG 2016 Biking Sisters

When I woke up this morning I felt like I had been hit by a bus! My body is definitely feeling like I've been a missionary for 17 months now. So this week we ran out of miles for our car so we biked our little hearts out! We did 12 miles on Friday I have so much more respect for the biking missionaries because 12 miles isn't even very many! It was so hot it was unreal. We stopped at this sketchy gas station cause we were just to tired, Sister Nelson ran in and bought water, I watched her through the window so I could stay with our bikes. She came out and told me she didnt have enough money, she was 14 cents short but the lady felt bad for her so just let her leave... haha OH man we felt pathetic. These are the days! End of the month= NO MILES & NO MONEY! We biked to the soup kitchen, St. Joseph's Diner. Mom and Dad we are totally volunteering there when y'all come. It is the greatest place and the people have so much attitude. I wish I could video it to show y'all this lady Barbara who doesn't share well. She volunteers with us and she is the one who passes out the food trays when the people come through. If someone grabs there food tray off the counter without her handing it to them she goes ham. I laugh so hard every time because she says the same thing in the angriest voice "Do not take my job from me! Let me serve you! DO NOT TAKE MY JOB AWAY!" So much love bottled up in that little woman... but you cant feel it when she talks to you :) While we were there we served with some ladies close to our age who are personal trainers. Sister Nelson and I somehow got a free class scheduled for today in the park haha! We are taking out investigator Caitlyn with us. Hopefully they don't kick out butts because we aren't paying them... But I know exactly what my mother would tell me "It's good for ya, Mace!"
I got to go back to Baton Rouge this week for exchanges and I didn't realize how much I love and miss that place! We went and delivered a Bible and Book of Mormon to a lady who had requested some. The poor thing had a very interesting life story and I just was in awe with how messy her entire life has been. I literally can't even imagine experiences ONE of her experiences let alone all of them. It really got me to thinking about how important it is to respect ourselves. A lot of her situations and almost all of my other investigators situations could have been avoided if they had just had more respect and love for themselves. I never thought of it being a gift to be confident in who you are until now. Ms. Shelley just kept telling us that all these people who hurt her were people she knew were crazy but she just wanted them to change and love themselves. She kept saying "If only they would love themselves more, then they would love me more! I will change them!" It just made my heart ache because she is missing the fact that if she would just follow her own advice then she would love herself enough to avoid those situations. OH Shelley, if only she could see that she is a daughter of the Most High God who loves her more than she can comprehend she would treat herself differently. Well hopefully she will see that soon. I seriously had no idea how spoiled I was until I came to Louisiana! The things that I thought to be common sense are apparently things my mom and dad sat down and taught me, shout out to you two, I love you to the moon and back!

 We taught Michelle the plan of Salvation this week and she asked us if animals were going to be in the Celestial Kingdom. (She has this cat covered in fleas named Cleo and man, she LOVES Cleo!) We told her yes, that Cleo would be in the Celestial Kingdom. She got so excited and started yelling "Yay, Cleo! Im going to be with Cleo! I'm want to be with you Cleo!...." Then she looks up at us and says "Oh and I'll be with Heavenly Father and Jesus too." haha Sister Nelson and I died laughing :) After we left Sister Nelson said "Who knew all we had to do to motivate her to change her life would be to tell her her cat would be in the Celestial Kingdom! Makes for the ultimate motivation!

We are having a baptism this week! Our investigator Brenna is getting baptized :) She is 15 and her Grandma is a member. She is so excited and the cutest thing ever. We have been loving teaching her. Her baptism is Saturday at 4! Yay for covenant making people!

God Bless, Sister Kerr

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