Sunday, August 14, 2016

25 Ju;y 2016 Ima Jesus Lovin

Ok  y'all, I feel like this might be my confessions week! I remember way back, when I left on my mission telling myself I would not become some nerdy weird missionary! I was willing to do whatever it took to be completely normal and return completely normal. Well folks, this darn place has ruined any hopes of me returning as I was before! My mission has made me such a baby. Let me just paint this little picture for you. We had a lesson this week with our investigator Michelle whose life is so messy! She was explaining to us that her life is hopeless and that there is no way she will be able to fix anything. Our lesson completely changed gears, we went from just reading from the Book of Mormon to teaching the Atonement. I then explained to her that my life too was hopeless without my Savior Jesus Christ. That literally there would not be one thing that would work to our benefit without His Atonement, that is why we need Him so badly! I just had tears streaming down my face, she asked why I was crying and I just told her because the lesson that we were teaching her applied just as much to me as it did her. When I said that you could see that she finally understood the Atonement. The light bulb went off! Shoot, it went off for me too, I don't think we will ever be done understanding the Atonement. I just can't believe the things Jesus has brought me to and brought me through. So, I know that He can do it for Michelle, and you too!

Also, Mormon messages get me every time, its pathetic. Sister Nelson and I were sitting in Relief Society and they showed a Mormon message about the priesthood power, which is what I want to focus this email on today but we both cried through the whole thing and all the little old ladies thought we were just the sweetest things :) It made me shake my head and giggle at my life. But the video is called "Sanctify yourselves" by Jeffery R. Holland. Anyways it explains that we must be ready NO MATTER what! That nothing is worth being caught off guard. So family and friends SANCTIFY yourselves! I promise that the Gospel is worth it and that we are capable of doing and succeeding in any situation if we are just willing to be spiritually prepared! I know that it is a lot easier said then done, especially coming from a missionary... But let me explain, if anyone has experience with this it is a missionary! I'm not sure what everyone else thinks/thought but for me when I got set apart I thought that I was going to be a completely changed person, basically a super hero, not subject to illness, fatigue or distractions! That did not happen, I was as me as ever and yet the assignment was to sanctify myself. It is something that must be done constantly, just because we were sanctified yesterday doesn't mean we are today. We must show God our devotion. Day after day I wake up, still tired and still as me, so when I want to sleep more or when it would be easier to not read my scriptures or write in my journal I just ask myself "Sister Kerr, how much do you love Jesus Christ? What are you willing to allow to get in between you and Him?" This has changed my attitude and has made me realize that if I was wonder woman I would not be learning the discipline that is vital to being a disciple.

Haha now that I have called y'all to repentance, (myself included because just like with my experience with Michelle, this Gospel applies to me just as much you) I have some hilarious only in Louisiana stuff to share! We have this recent convert named Kenny, he is probably 65. He calls us every morning to give us a weather report, he asks us to reject the call so he can just leave voice mail's. He is so funny, he usually leaves about 3 messages every morning with a 10 day forecast... every morning. Also, his accent is ridiculous and I basically cry laughing every morning because it makes the day so much better. Favorite quote this week from him is "Sisters! Heat is the almighty issue on this day!"

There are so many things that happen on my mission that would literally NOT HAPPEN anywhere else! I will never have these experiences again! So sad! We went and saw our investigator Regina, the one that last week I described as the definition of Louisiana... She was telling us how much she loves gumbo and how she was just craving it so bad! I asked if we could come make and eat the gumbo with her. Haha This was only my second time meeting this lady but I couldn't miss out on such an opportunity! She said "Sure, y'all can come! Turkey neck gumbo ok?" hahhaahaha please tell me everyone just cringed at that too. Sister Nelson and I just smiled mischievously at each other and said it sounded great! She could see right through us and just said "Excuse my comment and don't take no offense, but you white people don't know whats good to eat!" Sister Nelson then says "Well then Regina, since no one raised us right you're going to have to show us!" It was so funny. So I videoed us making the gumbo with her for 2 reasons, 1) I need to remember how to make the gumbo and 2) I knew non of yall would believe me and that I would need proof... so I got it ;) The gumbo was delicious, turkey neck is fantastic and honestly I think the juices that came off the boiled shrimp head is what made it taste so good. But while we were there cooking like 3 different people just showed up and walked in. They were all so surprised by the two fancy dressed white girls and would ask who we were. Regina would just tell them "These are my babies, they don't know how to cook a gumbo, so I be showin' 'em." The other visitors would just nod and then act like the situation was completely normal :)

We had a less active cook us corn beef and cabbage because some how it got brought up that its my favorite thing that I've tried down here! It turned out to be a very interesting experience. Good thing I've got the stomach of a champ, definitely got that gene from you, Daddy. Anyways I slammed my down and that was that. I looked over at my companion who was struggling big time with the slimy cabbage and just the amount of cold food still heaped on her plate. She whispers "Sister, I can't do it!" So when the less active looked the other way I passed her my empty plate and gulped down hers too. The things we will do for the ones we love :)

This has been a wonderful day in Lafayette, Louisiana! Don't you worry we are safe, sound and happy. The innocence really is bliss, its y'all I feel bad for, for having access to the news!

I love y'all so much and I know I am where God needs me. Missions are the best, Addey, keep  prepping baby girl you'll love it!

Sister Kerr

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