Sunday, August 14, 2016

9 AUG 2016 Grinning From Ear to Ear

Brenna got baptized! It was so good :) So many people came! It was so full that we had a bunch of people in the back standing. Just as it was about to start I stood up and told everyone to move to the relief society room so that more people could fit! haha Everyone probably thought I was crazy but I wanted it to be a powerful spiritual experience for everyone there, and I know how hard it is to focus when youre standing! So once everyone settled in the relief society room we began! It was so focused on her, so it made it really special. Then we listened to the song "I Will" by Hillary Weeks, it's one of the main reasons Brenna wanted to get baptized so she really wanted to listen to it before she was baptized. Her less active mom came! She hadn't been to the church since she was 18 she is 40 now. Also, Brenna's Pop (grandpa) who is not a member pulled me aside to thank me for teaching her and helping guide her to this point. I smiled at him and he just responded with "She is on the right path!" I smiled big and told him "I think so too!" Then he quickly through out "I don't just think so, I know so!".... Sooooo I praying that the font will fill up again pretty soon! ?
We have this new investigator named Brooke. She has twin 4 year old girls and they are so cute. She was a referral from a vivint salesman, he had met her and just really felt like she could use the gospel! So we went to go see her, she invited us right in and we taught her the Restoration. She was literally amazed by the Book of Mormon! I shared with her John 10:16 and then 3 Nephi 15:21. The spirit was so thick in the room. She wasn't sure why she was crying or feeling the way she was. It made me recognize once again the importance of pointing out the spirit whenever it is felt! Not just for investigators but for ourselves, in our own little lives and worlds. Because if we acknowledge it every time it comes then we are spiritually prepped to hear God when He needs us to heed His counsel. She asked us what was a very real and serious question for her "So why don't all Christian religions allow you to come and educate them on what the Book of Mormon is? I feel like if they knew what it was they would act a lot differently! Everyone should at least hear what it is! Of course Jesus went to other children. I've literally always wondered about this!" It was really powerful. She is so sweet and has some pure desires! She has been about every Christian religion you can be and she said that all she knows is that the Bible is the word of God... but all the churches she has been to believe in the Bible. Once we explained the priesthood she got it! We are hoping to meet with her soon!

There is a returning to activity member Lacee, her 6 year old daughter is like my best friend! We sit with them during sacrament meeting :) But anyways she texted us yesterday and asked if we would come and teach her boyfriend the lessons! A member referral is a missionaries dream come true! I can't wait... She also said her daughter Eriah loves us too! Last Sunday she came and found me while I was shaking members hands and I asked her to save me a seat and she was so excited. I helped braid her pony's hair and bam now we are best friends! I love being a missionary.

Our investigator Caitlyn is getting ready for college! We talked all about having courage to take a big step into her future! Which wasn't planned, it just went that direction thanks to the spirit! It was exactly what she needed and also it probably helped remind me a few things too... since apparently my mission is ending soon! Its crazy to me that the mission has become my comfort zone and going home is going to be leaving my comfort zone big time! Ha which seems so silly because home has always been my comfort place. Dang the mish messes up your mind!

Life is good in Lafayette! Greatest lesson learned this week is that we are in control! WE can think what we think and say what we want to say and be who we are. This life is all about learning how to control what you think and say and do. By being in full control of yourself you can then allow so many wonderful things to fill your life rather then the negative ones! And that is exactly what Christ himself did. He grew up in a family and had a life just like we do but the way he chose to respond to all situations was perfect and that was because he was a master of himself! See yourself for who you are and then work to become a happier person because lets not forget that God named this plan the "Plan of Happiness". Give people the benefit of the doubt and forgive freely. Smile and the world becomes a much better place. I had my interview with President Hansen this week and it started off with him asking if I was really going home next month.... I cringed and told him yes I was. He just paused and then smiled and said "I know you will be an effective missionary forever!" It reminded me that the end of my mission doesn't mark the end of anything, it just marks a spot in my life! I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who is the bright light to my everyday. I am grateful for the love that comes when I need it most and even when I dont. I am grateful for the opportunities he gives me and I am amazed at the life I have been blessed with. I owe everything I have to Him, and that's why I'm here! He is my best friend! Always remember that He knows the desires and intents of our hearts. Allow that to give you peace or the kick in the pants you need.
Love y'all so much

Sister Kerr

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