Tuesday, May 26, 2015

18 May 2015 - #missionforlife

Wow you guys this was such a great week! We got a new car... literally a new one!! 2015 ford fusion :) pretty darned sweet! And the Elders here in McComb are getting a car! Yay, I dont have to feel as guilty now. The Office Elders let us in on the surprise, they dont know yet. Sometime this week though! Mom, it is getting hot here! It's hard not to sweat like crazy but here everyone is sweaty so they dont even look at it as being gross. Someone asked if I was Sister Smith's mom again.. -_- really?? We laughed, we were in dollar general I needed cash back so I went in and bought floss and when we were waitng in line Sister Smith started talking to the lady behind us. She had NO teeth so I was just nodding my head along and then I understood the quick words as she pointed at me "Dis yo ma?" UHHHH no. hahaha only in Mississippi. We were getting cash back to we could go over and support the Scouts and girls camp fund raiser. But when we got there they told us it was free. It was lunch, they were selling sausage Poboys! YUM it was divine. I wanted like 3! I could eat it everyday of my life! It was just sausage in a hoagie roll. But y'all already know that's my favorite. Mom I loved the pictures of everyone at the zoo. Best picture by far was the peacock, Rosie and Skyler in his house slippers! :)
                    We drove out to see an investigator that had gotten lost in the area book. We decided that since her record literally ended on a happy note that we should go and check in and see why missionaries stopped seeing her. She is a really tough lady. Hard around the edges but as sweet as can be! Everything she thinks is positive and upbeat and never degrading another person. She is so Christlike and that is her goal. We asked if we could meet with her and she said of course! We talked for over an hour and got a return appointment. As we were leaving she said something that pierced my heart. She said "Tell who ever sent you thanks for not forgetting about me." It was simply amazing because I knew it was God who had sent us there. Especially because we drove 40 minutes to her house and she pulled in from work behind us. If timing had been any different we would have missed her. We had nearly the same experience with a less active woman we found in the area book. We went to see her what I thought was randomly but it wasn't at all. It was when God needed us to go. We showed up on her husbands 2 year death anniversary. God loves His children. It is beyond anything I can comprehend to be His hands in His work. Sister Smith said in one of our lessons this week when we were explaining why we need/have prophets. She said "God does not need a man to proclaim His voice. He is greater than that. But it's because He loves His children enough that He wants each of us to grow to our fullest potential that He works through us humans to get His work done." This is so true. imagine how different things would be if God did everything for us. There would be nothing learned and that is the whole purpose of why we are here. It really is amazing how He plans for each of us to have the exact experiences that we need to further ourselves.
              We were tracting this week and we flat out prayed for a miracle to happen. One came. We knocked on a door and the woman said to come in. We just kind of stood there though because we were a little confused. She opened the door and said "oh I thought you were my neighbor, but come in anyways." She got us water and made us comfortable. She said that her daddy is a Baptist Preacher, and she has always been curious. She is married and they have 2 daughters. We taught her the Restoration of the Gospel and she was just soaking it up. She offered a kneeling prayer and asked for God to direct her. Then she stood up and with tears in her eyes she said "I prayed last night that God would point me in the right direction today." She went on to say "when I was praying I was thinking more like he would point towards those I could serve. But I can see that this is His answer to what I literally asked for." We set up a time so we could come back when her husband was home, he had majored in Christianity History. Kind of intimidating but we came back. We taught him the Restoration and talked about it. He then said it just makes sense that there would be a Book of Mormon and a need for Restoration. He said he loves the Bible but it just has never done anything big for him. He then said clutching his new Book of Mormon "I hope that this will." He then offered a kneeling prayer asking for the Lord to enlighten his mind with the truth. He also prayed for us missionaries and just poured out how grateful he was for us stopping by and spending time with them. He thanked us for our sacrifice and our willingness to be bold. Sister Smith quoted a talk from conference in that lesson and you could see the lasting effect on his face, she said "a church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum of saints." These people are amazing and they are prepared. God is hastening His work and He is making the prepared people be found.  
              This was such an amazing life really did blow me away! I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it is by abiding by it that you can be fully healed and be filled with peace. It is simply the most incredible thing in the universe and it changes lives. I love being a missionary!!
                Love Sister Kerr
Dude I just looked out the window and its basically black outside at noon. I forgot my raincoat in the car!

Kaitlyn Dunaways Graduation. She looked so cute.

So I have allergies this week. So the Dunaways made me eat honeycomb and raw honey. It was way good :)

We were taught by Sister Rayborn how to make homemade cinnamon rolls!!! So yes... that is me wearing a table cloth as an apron.

Ha funny story,John Rayborn, he is 10 was sitting on the couch and I went over by him and asked if I could sit next to him during dinner. He looked up and said "nothing like getting closer to Jesus."

OHHH yes. Sausage Poboy time.

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