Tuesday, May 26, 2015

28 April 2015 - Rain or Shine, the work must go forth!

We are staying here in McComb! I cant even believe how crazy I have been just hoping I would get to be with Sister Smith at least one more transfer. We have so many big plans for this next transfer. Some really funny stuff happened this past week as well as some really spiritual amazing things. Nearly half the time things happen and I think did that really just happen? Mississippi is kinda random! For example we went to see our investigator Tasha. Her niece (10) was outside and told us to go in. She did not tell us that Tasha wasn't home. Haha so we went in and sat on the couch and talked to a man named Blue who is some how related to Tasha. Probably 5 people were in and out of the house in the time that we were sitting waiting for Tasha. Then Brianna came out and we chatted with her. We asked if she would get Tasha so we could talk to her and she told us Tasha wasn't home! That she had to go and pick her up from work. Oh my gosh we laughed so hard because nothing like that would have ever happened in New York!
       We went biking! Yay for bikes. We chose the hottest day of course, about 85. I was so sweaty, I think it might make people pity us so they always pull over and ask if we are the Mormons. I always reply "Yes we are!" They usually say "Cool! Then drive off" ha. We were tracting and we stopped at this house got off our bikes had crazy helmet hair and went and knocked on the door. This old woman came to the glass door, but she wouldn't open it. She just yelled through it. She said she had seen boys on bikes with suits on in town. We told her we were missionaries and her response was " I am really tired, I hate turning away the word but I'm really tired." So she invited us to come back another time. She then held up the pink taser gun she had been holding behind her back and said " I brought dis to da door just in case.... Ya neva know who gon come knockin at yo door." She was cute.
       We met a former investigator, her name is Trischell. She is so sweet and genuine. She wants so badly to find peace in her life but can't find it anywhere. She came to church! and she said she could see everyone else had that peace she was looking for. We listened to everything she had to say and absorbed it so that we could best respond to her needs. But we promised her that she could feel that peace if she is willing to work to find it. We told her that we could help her and you could tell that when she heard those words it was the biggest feeling of help was on its way. We love her so much already.
       We have learned a lot about different religions this week. We have been asking members who were previously a different religion and others as well about what other people believe. It has been really cool to get a better understanding about what is actually going on down here. Sister Shelia, (really weird but everyone in the branch goes by sister/brother and their first name.) gave a talk on Sunday about member missionary work it was so good and I am hoping it started the fire! We have been doing our best to meeting all the members, we teach in primary so it makes it hard because we cant even hang around after sacrament to meet people. We are making it work though. We met a lady named Joyce Farmer, she is a Methodist and just LOVES missionaries. She is so sweet and so easy to talk to. She told us all about her religion and we shared a spiritual thought with her. She fed us a salad which I previously would have hated but I loved it! You really appreciate a light salad when you get fed such heavy stuff!
        We had a craw fish boil!! It was crazy you guys... blew my mind. They had a trashcan hooked up to a burner and propane tank and just boiled 37 pounds of craw fish! It was at the Rayborns house. It was really good :) And quite the experience. One of the biggest differences that I am struggling adjusting to is they don't use tables!!!! Every meal is eaten on the couch, even peeling craw fish and dipping it in a bowl of butter. Needless to say I think that gray skirt with the grease stains already on it from Kensey's mission have a couple more. I am seriously the messiest!
        Sister Smith and I when we volunteered at the salvation army, bought tickets for the shrimp boil they were having which ended up being the morning of the severe thunderstorms. We got a text telling us to stay inside until they told us we could leave. We were going to be devastated if we missed out on our shrimp! But it ended up they texted us right as we finished up with all of our extra 12 week studies we were doing. And it ended up being so yummy! It came with corn and 2 red potatoes which tasted a lot like salt potatoes. I told sister Smith all about them and she wants to try them! Oh dad!, I need your Pico recipe please I want to make some so bad!
         When we were contacting this lady we were telling her we were missionaries and that we were here to do service for her and to share a message about Christ! She said looking at me pointing to Sister Smith "Cool,is this your daughter?" Hahahahahaha I am sending a picture to show how much taller I am than Sister Smith.
         We have this amazing partially active couple in our Branch that just opened up an Ice Cream Parlor!! They named it Aunt Mel's Ice Cream Emporium. They offer us free ice cream and there is a room with tables set up for missionaries to have discussions! They are so sweet! We can't believe they are doing that for us. We hope we can repay them :)
        As you can see there is so much going on here. The days are forever long, but the weeks fly! I can't possibly wrap my mind around the fact that I've been here for 6 weeks! I love the people and I love talking to them and feeling what they feel. Sister Smith and I decided that we talk way to much. We need to be quiet and just listen. I love the experiences that I am having. I can feel them making me into a different person! My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown a ton! It is amazing that one little book can be capable of solving everyones problems. But it is because it contains the FULLNESS of Jesus Christ Gospel, which applies to everyone. It is really amazing to witness. We are reading the Book of Mormon with a girl named Kaitlyn in our ward. She is going to start coming out with us and I hope we can help strengthen her testimony. She is a recent convert.
         Well I love y'all have a blessed week and pray for missionary experiences because every member is a missionary. If you will just open your mouth the Lord will fill it!
                            Love Sister Kerr

Beautiful skies after the storm broke.

 Tashas kids and niece and nephew! I love these ones, they are the sweetest things in the whole wide world. They have cool names, Derrick, Zymerica and Tye

Destiny is preparing for baptism! and these are the rest of her siblings.

Our shadows :) 

Mississippi Street! Had to take a picture with it! Notice the huge ant hill at the bottom of the picture.  They are everywhere down here. Fire Ants. Havent been bit yet!

I am a foot taller than my comp!

Mama I had to take a pic with your shoes so you could see me holding them :) Thinks of me!

Ms. Cathy Spencer I love her! She is the sweetest thing and is always thinking of us. This week she gave us A huge vacuum space bag for each of us :) 

Shrimp boil!

Sister Smith, Killian And I at the Craw fish boil! He is in our primary class!

Sister Smith and Bro. Rayborn with the crazy cooking machine!

Me with the crawfish!

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