Tuesday, May 26, 2015

4 May 2015 - 2 Month Mark!!!!!

Holy cow you guys another month has passed! This was probably the longest week of my mission so far and I think it was because it was transfers week. On Wednesday, the Elders needed to take our car to Baton Rouge for transfers so we were left car less for the day. We wanted to still be productive so we decided to bike our butts off... literally. So the bike I have was free, it was left at our apartment by a missionary who was going home. She was like 5 foot. So I raised the seat but didn't have a wrench to raise my handle bars. So we biked to the Salvation Army and I was ready to check out for the day haha. Well when we got there of course they didn't have anything for us to do! I asked Diane if she had a wrench and she did she helped raise my handle bars which worked wonders! Diane is a sweet heart! An also has the thickest accent! I just laugh in my head every time she talks because I always think "how do you even teach someone to talk like that!?" So then we biked down my favorite road, its called Berthadale road and it is just so beautiful! Shaded by leafy tree tops. We have a less active on that road and we thought we would go and see her. She is 89 and has been super offended by someone in the branch. So I'm not thinking she is coming back. But we shared a spiritual thought and she told us to come back any day after 1. Then when we were leaving I asked If friday would work and she said she really didn't want us coming back because her neighbors watch her and she doesn't want to get into trouble by having Mormons over. So ended up being a wee bit weird. On the bike ride home I just so done for the hills were killing me, I noticed my front tire was getting kinds squishy and flat! So I was getting bummed then Sister Smith yells "Hey Sister Kerr, your back tire is flat!" Oh man I've been trudging up and down hills with flat tires! So we got home I was over heated so I used my lunch break for a cold shower. Pumped up my tires and was good to go. 
          We are working hard to get to know the branch. We don't have a meal calendar so we can't do it that way either. We have been calling up members and asking if we can practice teaching the restoration on them and it's been working :) Our branch really is a great bunch of people. We went to Wednesday night youth activity the other night and were able to get to know some there too! 
          There is this super awesome part member family that the elders are teaching, and we teach their girls in primary so they asked if we could come over. They really are amazing and progressing so well. You can really see when people are fully prepared they are good to go! We had a lesson with this man named Tom. He is a christian who is dating a Mormon, so he comes to the LDS church every Sunday. He believes all the basics like we do but when it comes to the extras they are holding him back, like the priesthood and the Godhead. He says its because he grew up knowing differently. I asked him that if he knew for fact that what we taught about those things were true if he would be baptized. He said of course. So next I promised him that he could know for fact about these things if he would read  and pray about the Book of Mormon. Its literally that plain and simple. The Book of Mormon is key! It can clear up any confusion. So I want to extend that invitation to anyone reading this, read the Book of Mormon. There is nothing to lose by doing so, but there is so much to gain from it. When you can truly see the Book of Mormon is true, then everything else surrounding has to be God's work as well. I love the Book of Mormon. I know that it is true, I have done just that, read it and prayed about it. It really is amazing to see the change in my own life with each confirmation I get from it.
          Something I have been really working on this week is from a letter my mama sent to me. It talked about basically being a true christian, and that is what I want to be. I want people to see me and truly recognize me as a disciple of Jesus Christ! We had some struggles this week with some people just being really rude when we were being as sweet and sincere as all get out. But that shouldn't upset me, because they obviously have experienced something that has placed them in that mindset and their feelings are as legitimate as mine! So off I go into the wild Mississippi smiling and being Christlike towards everyone! I know I can do it, and I know that when given this name badge with my families name and with Jesus Christ's name I volunteered to represent both in the best way possible!
           We had a lesson with Destiny and Amber they are the youngsters prepping for baptism, and Amber said the opening prayer, and this is what she said, "Please bless the sick, please bless those with pinkeye, please bless those with goosebumps and please bless the murderers, Amen." Hahahaha so cute.
        Well I love y'all to death! And I am doing mighty fine so don't send your worries this way :) I can't believe it is time to talk to my mama on Sunday! Yay! I love my family OIE

                         Sister Kerr

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